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Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding (Korean)

I am guessing this was a historical drama given the whole noblemen, dynasties etc. But the thing is that when you are attempting to tell a story rooted in history, you have to do better research and fleshing out of not just characters. To enjoy this, you have to assume thatches is a make believe world, and as a viewer, you have to stop looking fo logic or even validity of how something like this can happen. Only if you do that, you would be able to maybe enjoy this.

Nobleman Ryu Ho Seon is getting married to Hwa Jin, but on the wedding night he finds out that his bride is actually a man Choi Ki Wan, who was the bride's brother but replaced the bride as she ran away on the wedding day. Choi Ki Wan convinces Ryu to keep up his charade for the sake of family honor both sides and as soon as the sister returns, she will take back the place. Needless to say, Ryu quickly tries to annul the marriage, but looking at his ailing mother decides to stick with the plan. The husband wife just have to make sure that no one finds out, which is not easy given the encounters that keep happening. Things get even complicated when Ryu's best friend visits him and falls in love with Choi Ki Wan as a woman and starts sending her love letters. Meanwhile, Choi is really enjoying his duties as a wife and is somehow falling involve with Ryu. Unexpectedly when his sister returns, things get complicated when truth comes out. Ryu declines to accept the actual bride and so Choi also goes back to his home, once the truth is out. But eventually Ryu also realizes that he misses Choi's company and they eventually kiss and make up. Are they lovers or friends is left uptown the viewers to decide.

As I mentioned before, as a viewer, you really have to get over the whole disbelief over all the situations that happen here. I did the mistake of trying to finding logic in historical accuracy, how can one one know thatt hewife is a man? The voice, the looks, the body, there are plenty of things. How come there are no other people at all during wedding or afterwords? Why did have to be a historical drama that felt like a drama made on a shoestring budget and many many more things like that. And This was a mistake. I was really frustrated while watching the show. Had I known, I would have just tried to watch to as a stupid mindless show, which did have some funny moments, I would have enjoyed it better. But its really hard to do that when the plot os contrived. Some funny moments with Ryu's sister harassing the bride or Ryu's friend consistent love letters to Choi added to fun banter but the whole ending seem forced. Ryu, at no point, had any romantic feelings for Choi, so the sudden kiss in the end felt very out of place. It would have made more sense for the friend to have Choi at the end.

The show wasn't made to be funny, but the amount of flaws in it and the sheer ridiculousness of the situation the whole plot is revolving around made it feel like a parody of some sort. (4/10)


luigi43 said…
How can I contradict my Master ? And I will not . May be I was attracted by the costumes of this series and above all by Jang Sui Soo , the friend , we already noted in " where your eyes linger". Have a nice sunday.
Golu said…
hahahaha. I think he was the only good thing about the show, but his character was so underdeveloped. He exited as suddenly as he entered. I couldn't stop laughing at his hat though. The side peacock feather was just so odd !!
luigi43 said…
The right hat to go shopping in a market:-)))
Sailor Maan said…
Very weird and not plausible for a second (the guy doesn't even try to change his voice!), maybe that's why it made me laugh at times. In girls manga/manhwa, there would sometimes be those situations where boys would disguise into girls and go unnoticed. I always thought it couldn't really happen in real life. Well know I have the answer: it can't lol.
I liked the costumes. And wondered about the feather thing too haha.
Kinda like Luigi, I was also pleased to see Kang In Soo from "wish you". Except he doesn't take his shirt off this time, losing most of the interrest :p
Golu said…
Take of his shirt?
On the contrary he probably had like 15 layers of clothes. In hindsight, this was just a silly, spoof like stuff.

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