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G - Lost In Frankfurt (German)

I really don’t understand what was the point behind making this film. It was like an extended promo for gay tourism in Frankfurt. Not just any gay tourism, but something that involves drugs and sex. The story can be summed in a very short time and this film if edited well could be like a promo for gay/sex/dug tourism in Frankfurt. Kris just lands in Frankfurt to work in an underwear shop. He meets Damiano who offers to show him around Frankfurt. the night ends in a gay club with G and sex. The next day he shows up with another friend David. The trio end up in a club, drink up G ad have hot passionate sex. The third day, the trio meets two of their other friends. This sis the only time they have some conversation where they all discuss their coming out stories. The night ends up in a gay club and surprise surprise, there is more G, following a full on orgy between the 5 guys. And thats pretty much it to the film. There is constant electronic music playing in the background which

Sturmland/Viharsarok (German/Hungarian) [Land of Storms]

What a shocking, disturbing yet poetic ending! And to know that this film is actually based on a true story makes it even more interesting but not in a happy sort of way. I guess this is a film that shows harsh realities of gay life in certain regions of the world (this one focusing on eastern Europe I suppose). Its sad that whichever first world country you are living in, you may still encounter intense homophobia and similar heartbreaking stories, the moment you step out in the interiors. Szabi is a good football player, playing for Germany but is into the game only because of his father. He doesn’t really enjoy the game. He is friends with Bernard and also possibly both of them are in love with each other but can’t say so. There is definite tension which one day leads to a major fight after a game between the two of them and Szabi decides to leave Germany. He goes back to interiors of a village where he has inherited his grandfather’s home. There he meets Aron, who he catches w

Gays: The series (Web Series)

Another one of the web series, focusing on life and musings of the gay characters, this one is very innovatively titles “Gays”. :) It is set in New York city an mostly follows four twenty something gay best friends navigating the tumultuous terrain of NYC. Actually if you include the girl as well, who is an integral part of the show, you can say that it is the story of 5 young twenty-somethings. Huxley, Jackson and Natasha are room mates. Huxley and Natasha work together in a very well known restaurant. Huxley is a wanna be photographer and somehow not confident about himself and wonders if anyone will overdate him. Jackson, often referred to as a ‘bad’ person, has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer and is struggling with how to deal with it. Natasha is in her own happy world and dreams of making t big with some famous movie star. Then we have Ben, an attractive introvert, who works for a non-profit organisation and is in a long-distance relationship with Andrew from Boston

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

There used to be a time when I was all about chick flicks But as I have grown up over a period of time, I just find them so annoying. The cheap teenage girls histrionics makes me cringe and wanna slap someone. Anyway, coming back to the film, the main story is about 2 19-something BFF’s and how their life an chemistry withe at other changes over a period of time owing to certain men in their life. Naomi and Ely are next door neighbours in manhattan and they have been together ever since kids. They have list of men who they can’t kiss just so that it may ruin their friendship. Also , we are told that Naomi is not totally ok with Ely being gay but she never tells him. After a few really annoying sequences, we meet few other characters. Naomi has a boyfriend Bruce who is nice and cute but she also fancies their doorman Gabriel (really yummy). She also secretly might be in love with Ely. Even when she is with Bruce, she constantly talks about Ely. One day while waiting for Naomi, Bruc

Apo Thavma (Greek) [By Miracle]

This was an interesting and a weird film at the same time. I haven’t seen any film from Cyprus before, so its hard for me to say how developed their film industry is. I am nostrum, if that’s something that should change my views about overall film in general but personally, it does change my perspective a bit. The story has 2 parallel tracks running, whose characters occasionally cross paths. In the first we have Aliki and Andreas, a couple in their thirties, who have lost their 4 year daughter in an accident. They are leading a very depressive and mundane life which is putting their married life at risk. I got the impression that sometimes they wanted another child but other times they didn’t. Parallel , we meet Marios, a teacher in his twenties living with his mother. He is gay and satisfies his sexual urges with random hook-ups, but things change when he meets a young choreographer in his swimming club, but he is too scared to fall for him, because he doesn’t know what future w

Ya-gan-bi-haeng (Korean) [Night Flight]

An interesting film. A very interesting film! Now hold-on. I didn’t say this was a good film or a bad film; I don’t know yet. Hopefully while I recollect my thoughts while writing this piece, I would have made up my mind. This Korean film would probably have found more acceptance with me, had the narrative style not been so all over the place Its takes a while to understand the whole picture and by then you are uber confused. Primarily a story of high school and adolescence, it focuses on 2 of the three friends. Yong-ju and Gi-taek are close friends. Soon we get a hint that Yong-ju is probably gay and has some very strong feelings for Gi-woong, who also happens to be the leader of the school gang. What does the gang really do besides buying, we don’t know. But they seem evil and Gi-taek is an object of their bullying on more than one ocassion. We also find outfit these 3 people used to hang out together as kids but something changed over the time and Gi-woong no longer hangs out w