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Little Bi Peep

Little Bi Peep is supposed to be a comedy about myriad of relationships. As the name suggests the protagonist should be bisexual and would probably delve into the story and life of how the lead handles the bisexuality. Does the film meet expectations? Let’s read further. The plot is actually basically very simple. Emma lives with her mother. Her routine includes sleeping through the day, then working at a night, very seedy adult/porn store which is usually followed by going to some bar, picking up either a man/woman; having sex and moving on with her life. We go through the mundane routine of her everyday life, waking up late, struggling with her coffee machine and being dropped off and picked up by her mom. We also realise that Emma makes up new names and new carers, overtime she meets a person because she doesn’t do drama and more than one night stand. One day she meets Mason, who she later finds out is transgender IT technician. Mason doesn’t jump in to Emma’s pants right away

Coming Out (Hungarian)

Now this film had an interesting twist to the term “coming-out”. In most films that I have seen so far, its always the protagonist ‘coming out’ as gay; because socially it is not considered a norm. But what would happen if the situation was reversed? What if a very popular gay man, a popular figure in social circles, suddenly ‘comes out’ as straight? Scandalous.. isn’t it? Well this premise is what makes this film quite interesting. Erik and his partner Balazs have been together for 5 years. Erik is a famous radio show host, a gay celebrity who has a lot of credibility in the city and among the gay population. Having lived together so long, Balazs wants them both to get married. But all this is about to change. An accident leads him off the rails; suddenly he starts to throw glances at women, checking out their figure, their ass and their bosom. This is where he meets Linda, a doctor who is looking after him. He finds himself taking sudden interest in her, to the extent of even fa