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Wedding Wars

Wedding Wars is a very funny take on gay's struggle for marriage. I liked the fact that the issue has been given a humorous angle and not a serious issue based film. The film mostly explores relationship between 2 brothers who had some kind of falling out after one brother tells the other he is gay. I saw this film for the second time primarily to review it here and secondly cos it is funny too.  Ben and Shel are brothers. Ben who is an advisor to the governor has recently got engaged to governor's daughter Maggie. On Maggie's suggestion that they should try Shel as their wedding planner, Ben unwillingly goes to meet his brother and his partner Ted and asks him to be his wedding planner. Shel is shocked, surprised but readily takes it up, at the same time hoping that this will help bring the 2 brothers close to one another. Ben is clearly not very comfortable with the fact that Shel is gay but doesn't do anything about it. It is elections time and things are all fine un

Pethaino gia sena! (Greek) [I/m Dying For You]

I haven't seen Greek gay comedies I think before , so this one definitely came as a surprise. On top of that, when the film is half decent when you have no real expectations from the movie. This one definitely came as a pleasant surprise. If I had seen the movie in its entirety, I probably would have given it higher rating but in comparison with other films, this falls a little short. The film starts with a man who has just died and is trying to wonder how could he have died. The film goes in flashback and explores various reasons how he could have died. And funnily enough all possibilities are to do with a family of husband, wife, a gay son and grandmother who can't listen. The son is a bad student and need some private lessons. The father is a traffic cop who is full of himself and lives with a secret desire to become a famous lyricist. The mother teaches tango lessons and is very very busy. One the mother almost accidentally hits a man while driving, she thinks she has kill

101 Rent Boys

This is a documentary style feature which talks about 101 rent boys in Santa Monica Boulevard in the LA area. Although the film features 101 different hustlers, it focuses on the lives (and loves) of a few key men. They have been chosen to reflect the immense diversity of the boys of the Santa Monica Strip. An amazing thing happens when you cross a video camera with award-winning directors, $50 and a hustler. To prevent the film from becoming monotonous and repetitious, it was divided into seventeen chapters with titles like, "Losing It," "The First Trick," "Gay," "Straight," "Turn-ons," "Turn-offs," "Pain," "Weird [stuff]," "Drugs," and "The Future." The stories, for the most part, are painful to hear: some interviewees clearly struggle with drug addition and it is clear how they will spend the $50 they earned making this film, many are victims of childhood sexual abuse or parental aba

Avant que j'oublie (French) [Before I Forget]

This is one of the few French films that either you will like or hate. There is no in between because the subject and treatment is different. It is not easy to hold someone's interest throughout the film of such nature. Unfortunately, I belong in the second category where I didn't particularly cared too much for the characters or the film in general. I could have stopped watching the film at any point and continued after missing a substantial portion and still not miss much because there isn't much going on in the first place. Pierre is a blocked writer, a former gigolo now in his 50's who has been HIV positive for 20 plus years. He is depressed in life because no one wants him and he doesn't have much to go n with his life. Film progresses with Pierre having conversations over cigarettes with various gigolos (former) discussing life and money. He sees a shrink, who advices him to go for younger gigolos so that he can get a boost in his life. He reads aloud a love