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Lovebirds (Filipino/Tagalog/English)

Thankfully, Lovebirds doesn't fall in the category of of your atypical, sexually explicit skin flicks whose purpose is to entice men and get them sexually charged. Now, there is nothing wrong with it but once in a while it is good to watch a different film. Mario lives in Philippines and has been chatting on internet with Alexis, a Spanish guy. When Alexis decides to visit, as per Philipino culture, Alexis is thrown a big bash. But there is a surprise. Mario's mother so far thought that Alexis is a girl and gets shocked to see that he is a man. She fabricates a story that he is Alexis' brother Alex in front of everyone in the family. Fearig that Mario is gay, his mother, who is very dominating, asks him to ask Alexis to leave the next day and that Mario should meet a girl and get married soon. Mario's father on the other hand tries to be friendly. Bt in between this, Mario and Alexis are struggling. They have just chatted on internet a few times and are not getting

Hors Les Murs (Canadian French) [Beyond The Walls]

Now this was a very interesting film. The last film of the OIA film festival in Johannesburg, I saw a lot of people getting uncomfortable in their seats. The film was slow and when you have bunch of gays in an almost house full show, they expect something light, fast and sexy. This film was all opposite. So was it good or bad, lets try and analyze. One night at a bar Paulo gets very drunk. During the night he kept checking out the bartender Ilir, originally an Albanian guy. Ilir ends up taking Paulo to his apartment when Paulo gets wasted and passes out. Ilir is attracted to him but doesn't do anything. In the morning Paulo confesses that he has a girlfriend and he is questioning himself. Unable to control himself, Paulo goes to meet ilid again, and they have a quick affair which Paulo's girlfriend soon finds him. She throws him out of the house. Having no place to go, he ends up going to Ilir's house who is schooled to see him. He says that he wanted only fun but Paul


It is 4th of July and a young teenager June who lives in a small town is looking to meet his internet date. The date turns out to be a middle aged black man Joe. Joe takes him out and they stat talking about random things. Mostly including why June is not comfortable in his own skin and can't come out to his family. June is an awkward teenager, who is not very sure what he wants from life and tries to push back on things he doesn't want to deal with. He doesn't even know why he is meeting Joe in the first place. Just to get out of house, for sex, for companionship or something totally different. We also meet Dexter and Abigayle. Turns out Abigayle is Joe's daughter who is staying in for the evening to take care of her mother because Joe is "out of town". Their relationship is fragile because Dexter thinks, she thinks of him as idiotic and cocky. Bored at home, she takes up Dexter's offer to meet for 15 minutes which turns out to be date where they even

Love Or Whatever

My first movie in Johannesburg 'Out In Africa' film festival and I was so excited watching this with my new friends. I had my inhibitions for watching an American gay film in theatre because lets face it, US gay themed films have disappointed us much more than they have made us happy. This film thankfully did not fall in the former category. If, the film did not make me cringe and I didn't realize how soon the movie ended, I would say that the film did a pretty decent job of keeping the audience's attention. Corey, soon to be 30, has a successful career as a psychiatrist and lives with his boyfriend Jon. The night Corey is about to propose to him, Jon finds out and freaks out completely. To the extent hat he ends up sleeping with a woman, who happens to be Corey's patient. He comes back home to tell Corey that he might be bi and Corey completely flips out. They break-up. Corey's sister, Kelsey, moves in. She is lesbian and runs a neighborhood coffee shop wh

Gay Short Films : 15

These are some really really short films that I saw (less than 5 minutes in duration) It's Consuming Me (Germany) A wonderful 3 minute video of a boy obsessing with a guy and his traits and things he does. "I can’t move on. I wish I could. But I’m caught in the thought of what could have been, losing my grip on reality." A little weird ending by still pretty good just for the dialogues. OK (Brazil) Two friends in a public restroom talk about and actually do experiment with their sexuality. Starts with jerking off, fingering and finally gets sealed with a kiss. Very innocent and sweet story. Noturno (Argentina) Desire runs out through between a couple since they met. A very quick overview of how they met, got passionate and within a short time, how the passion fizzled out completely. Make Homosexuals Marry (US) If you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, why not overturn Prop 8 and make them get married, like the rest of us? A quite funny story showing a ga

My Brother The Devil (UK)

Delivering an alternately striking and realistic vision of gangland London, My Brother the Devil, is an excellent film.  A coming-of-age journey with bold, memorable characters, vision and style, the film leaves you wanting more. Gay story set in a Muslim context is not always to depict and very few film makers have been successfully able to do that. This film is definitely a step ahead in that regard. Rashid and Mohammed are of Egypt origin and are brothers living in London now. Elder brother Rashid (Rash) is on streets and deals with drugs etc. to make extra cash. The brothers are pretty close and Mohamed (or Mo) knows about it. They both hang out with street boys. In a gang war, Rashid's best buddy Izzy gets killed. Izzy was very close to Rashid and Rash is now forced to reevaluate egis life and wonder if what his father and mother always said was true or not. Mo is slowly growing up and wants to be exactly like his brother. But the change in hi brother's attitude stars

Common Ground

This movie spans across almost 50 decades of life in a small town in Homer, Connecticut. Actually the film could easily have been 3 major episodes, which are not really related to each other except the location but yet all share the common ground. They fall in the category of queer (lesbian or gay, in this specific case). I wonder when this was shown on TV, whether it was shown as one long film or as three different episodes. The film is narrated through the eyes of a character, whose job is to raise the town's flag every day. In 1954, when he is 6 year old, he witnesses the arrival of Dorothy from navy, one of the first woman veteran in town. When she is out looking for job, rumor soon spreads out that she was dismissed by the army on charges of sexual deviance. There is only one woman in the town who comes out to support her and even listen to her version of the story. Dorothy is confused about her sexuality and while her visits to a gay bar with one of her gay friends from

The Outs (Web Series)

Another web series that I just chanced to watch and OMG! was I impressed or what ! The 6 part series is a story about big relationships, the ones that really define people, and what happens when they fall apart, and how that can change someone. I can't believe how good the series was. I loved every bit of it and you know you love it when the series leaves you wanting more. So I am so anxiously waiting for next seasons (I hope there are more seasons) that should be broadcast soon. The series follows mainly 3 characters. Mitchell, James and Oona. Mitchell is 20 something gay man who is trying to find love in the city. His best friend is Oona, who is a budding writer but really can't write anything and finally James, who is Mitchell's ex and is sleeping with anyone around. Basically he is in his slutty phase. The story unfolds at a very good pace where we see James in his slutty phase but basically very very unhappy. Mitchell, obsessed about cardigans (that was so cute) t


I think this was my first sci-fi gay themed movie. This film could have been so much more entertaining and fulfilling but alas!! the promise that the film builds up in first half come s crashing down towards the final reels of the film. Laced with overall pretty scent performances, the film's screenplay in the end is a huge let down. Smith is a 18 year old college student who lives in a dorm with his straight room-mate Thor, on whom he totally has a crush on. His all time best friend is Stella, who we find out is lesbian. Smith has been having this weird dream for a week. The mysterious dream has people in it that are extremely vivid that he's never met and it instantly gets our minds to spinning as to what the hell is going on. It gets weirder from there. At a party Smith meets two of those girls whom he saw in the dream. One of them turns out to be Stella's new girlfriend and the other one is just some random girl. Smith also meets London, who ends up being his first

Bear Nation (Documentary)

So I had loves the bear city movies; both parts, in fact. Hence, I was very curious to know what this documentary will offer. As most documentaries, this doesn't offer entertainment but then it does give you a lot of information about the bear community. The film is sorta divided into various sections. We start with definition and origin of the term 'bear' in the gay community. Everyone thinks different but the general consensus is big hairy gay guys are considered bears. The director interviews various peoples who share their stories of coming out as gay and then their second coming out on how they were more attracted to bears. Everyone has something similar to share from their lives and how it is ok to be fat and hairy and you will still find men who will be into you and would want you for who you are. We then follow a group of bears who meet every year in Chicago for the bear weekend. A weekend where all bears get together, various events happen, drinking, games, ex

En Soap (Danish) [A Soap]

This was a very very odd film. It was like a cross between a film and a soap opera. It was shot like a soap, with 10 min incidents which would be followed by a quick summary by a narrator (just like it happens in a daily soap). Unfortunately, the movie was s lethargic as would be a daytime soap, with no direction as to whatever. And then the movie abruptly ends, just like  a daily soap would end when sponsors would have no more money to pump in. Charlotte decides to randomly move out of her husband's house because she in unhappy. We don't know the real reason. She moves to a shitty neighborhood and even as the husband tries to find out what went wrong, she is too busy thinking just about herself. She just wants to be alone. One day she meets Veronica, who lives one floor below her. Veronica is MTF and is waiting for a letter from the authorities to get her operation done. Initially Charlotte mocks her but slowly they start becoming cordial with each other. They keep going

Leaving Metropolis (Canada)

We have seen so many films about gay-straight love and how ultimately the straight guy figures out he is gay and all that with regular cliches. Thankfully this is a film that doesn't follow regular cliches. In the backdrop of love and art, we also do get to see friends dealing with Aids and loneliness. Overall a very impressive movie considering I had no expectations from it. Also, just as an aside, the poster of the movie needs to be changed. It gives the impression that it is a bad cheesy c-grade film, which it is so not. David is a famous artist who finds himself in a artist block. To get more inspired, he decides that he needs to get a job and since he has waiting experience, he decide to join a not so famous diner, so that no one recognizes him. The diner is owned by Matt and Violet, a loving couple. The 3 of them become friends and are having a good time, until David starts having feelings for Matt. Surprisingly, Matt looks in David a friend, whom he can hang out with. O

Luna Park

Films or stories based on ancestual relationships can always be tricky ones. There is always this think line where you want to be a keep a balance between possible reality and making sure the audience doesn't completely dismiss the idea. The story of this film was decent but the direction was so so so bad, I couldn't believe. This film is a very good example of the self indulgence by a director, who probably thought he is making a classic and meanwhile what comes out is pure torture. Alexia is an ex-actress turned movie producer in New York who now produces gay cinema. She owns Luna apartment building in california where she puts up all her actors. She has amuse brother Christopher, who supposedly takes care of the apartments but is not doing too well. She sends her right hand man Max, to take care of Christopher and the apartments. Christopher is a troubled 18 year individual who spends all his time inside the apartment. Max starts taking care of Christopher but soon enou