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Three of Hearts

Ok, so this is not a gay film. Its about lesbian lovers but you would not want to categorize this movie under that genre as well. It can as well be termed as a romantic movie with lesbianism involved. Not that watching lesbians making love is my idea but what the heck, a film is a film is a film. The film starts with Connie and Ellen, a lesbian couple breaking up. Ellen wants to move out because she needs to think and sort out things in her mind. You can instantly make out that she is confused about her bi-sexuality. Joe is a male escort whom Connie hires to meet her family at her sister's wedding since she had promised them that she will have her fiance meeting them (hoping to go with Ellen). Joe and Ellen end up becoming friends after that and come up with the idea of maybe Joe making Ellen fall in love with him, break her heart and so Ellen will come back to Connie. Meanwhile, an acquaintance has gotten out of prison and seeks to put a hurt Joe, blaming him for his prison senten

East Side Story

After a long time , I again saw a funny romantic gay movie that I liked. These are the kind of movies which I prefer watching any time. They make you laugh, feel emotional with the characters and stir that romantic feeling inside you. Diego is a Latin guy living with his grandma in east LA. He helps his grandma run the Mexican restaurant that she owns. Diego dreams of getting out of LA someday and opening up his own restaurant. He is seeing this closet real estate agent Pablo for over a year. Diego wants to take this relationship further by living in but Pablo is too freaked out to accept reality. They break up. Meanwhile Diego's aunt Bianca comes in the picture and starts having an affair with Pablo. Oh! did I mention that she is the funniest character in the movie. Meanwhile, a new gay couple movies in the neighborhood and people find out that Diego is gay too. This starts affecting the restaurant business. The gay couple Wesley and Jonathan have a troubled relationship which is

A Very Natural Thing

From the looks etc of the film, it would not be wrong to say that this movie must have been among the first ones to come out depicting gay life style and culture and gay sexual liberation. The movie is set in 70's and it is very interesting to see the way people dressed, cars they drove, their lifestyle and many more things. David is a teacher who was an ex-monk. He meets a hot guy Mark in a club one night and they hook up. They start going out and have a good time. David is this guy who has all these romantic notions about all relationships while Mark is the guy who just wants to live in moment and enjoy all these moments with David. Its evident they both like each other and enjoy each other a lot. Soon David moves in with Mark. Things are all fine until slowly the differences with respect to expectations from the relationship stat to come in. Mark is younger and is somehow prone to commitment. He wants to explore other sexual encounters. David tries to keep with Mark because he l

Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma (Canada - French/English)

There are 2 important words in the film title 'amnesia' and 'enigma' and so rightly because while watching the movie, a viewer is in state of confusion between facts and fiction, the imitation of real life story to on screen story. Inspired by a true incident, this film adds on more substance and build s a fine film around it. One morning a young nude lad is found in a deserted lot in Montreal. He is taken to the hospital by the cops where they find that he is total amnesiac and doesn't remember anything about his previous life except the fact that he is gay and believes that his name is James Brighton. He builds a very close bond with the lady doctor treating him. They together with the help of gay hotline try and search for his identity but with no luck. He starts living with a gay guy trying to be normal but of course frustrated with the fact that he cannot remember anything. The viewer is left confused as to whether James is really amnesiac or hiding something.

Prom Queen : The Mark Hall Story (Canada)

My second time watching this movie and I must admit that it was equally exciting to watch it again. This one apparently is based on a true story that happened in Canada. If thats true then I have to really salute Mark Hall for all his courage. In a fictional small town live Mark Hall, a happy go lucky teenage kid who is popular in school and who has managed to avoid the typical harassment a gay kid in a small town would expect to face. It's the time for school prom and he wants to being his boyfriend with him, but the catholic school dismisses it saying it is against catholic and religious rules. He has best friend like Carly who supports him throughout and even says that she wont attend prom if he cannot . Carly's boyfriend is in with her to support and does his best what he can for Mark. At this stage Mark decided to come out to his family who surprisingly he finds out have always known. Hence start the fight against the school officials to allow Mark to attend the prom. The

An Angel Named Billy

This is one of those movies which are dragged for no reasons. Some of the characters are stretched for no reasons. Like the whole introduction of Billy and his dad was not required. Anyways, its a simple story otherwise. Billy has an alcoholic father. One day he sees Billy kissing his friend and he throws him out of home since he is gay. Billy lands up in LA. There he meets Guy working in a cafe who helps him for a couple of days and becomes his friend. Billy find an ad for a job where James is looking for a help for his dad Mark kAnderson, a recent victim of stroke. Since James is usually busy with his assignments, he wants someone to take care of his dad. Mark is straight but his best friend is your over the top drag queen Thomas. James is gay too and has a troubled relationship with his ex since his ex was a drug addict. He is lonely and looking for love. Billy starts working and charms everyone with his hard work and dedication. James start falling for him and they become lovers.