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Boys On Film 5: Candy Boys

Candy Boy (France) Panic at the orphanage! Children start falling mysteriously ill left right and centre. Candy Boy, the most valiant of the orphans, leads the inquiry. But our hero s investigations are complicated by the arrival of a beautiful new resident. My first gay animation film though a short film. It was just ok Two Young Men, UT (USA) Will and Eli meet by chance in a bar and head to the salt flats searching for a party. In the process, however, they take the first steps towards finding and accepting themselves that one is straight and other other is gay. Blokes (Chile) Santiago, Chile, 1986. Blokes tells the story of the sexual awakening of a boy during the dictatorship. He is totally infatuate by a boy living in the opposite building and he jerks off seeing him. Desire can result in a very different outcome depending on the moment that you live. Last Call (USA) After a tragic accident, Gavin is offered the chance to re-live three memories he shared with his ex-boyfriend, who

Reinas (Spanish) [Queens]

I forgot about this film till I got my hands on it recently again. I enjoyed it the second time as well though maybe not much as I did the first time around. It was still very funny specially one of the mothers. The fact that the story is something totally new and deals with mothers issue with respect to their son's marriages is a different take on gay cinema. Any new subject makes it very fresh. The movie is all about guys getting married and their crazy (but believable) mothers. No matter what your mom was like, one of these mothers will probably remind you of yours. The film starts with gay marriages becoming legal in Spain and we follow the first huge gay wedding and follow 6 couples but in this case the focus is on the mothers and not so much on the couples themselves. Mothers who are loving and supportive of their gay sons, yet to some degree are a bit embarrassed that they are about to attend a gay marriage and that is when you will have the real dramatic journey of our &quo

Almost Normal

A standard gay comedy, Almost Normal would be rather forgettable, if it wasn't also a social satire, designed to illustrate what it's like to be gay in a straight world. As satire, it succeeds to an extent, and in some ways as brilliantly as one could hope to expect although in spots, the plot is too confusing to produce the intended impact.  Brad is a good looking 40 year old single gay man. At his parents 45th wedding anniversary, he meets his best friend from school who stopped talking to him when he came out to him. His mother still dreams of finding a nice girl for him. This is when he remarks to his best friend Julie who also happens to be his sister in law that he sometimes wishes he was "normal". Not that he dislikes being gay, but he is weary of being different from the heterosexuals that surrounded him. Drunk, he leaves the party and gets into an accident and slips into a dream where he is transported back to 70s, his early college days. He gets his wish of

Bayaw (Filipino) [Brothers In Law]

Bayaw is an odd little tale about two brothers-in-law running from the law, committing all sorts of other crimes along the way, and occasionally indulging in some forced gay sex. That premise alone doesn’t sound very promising, but the way Bayaw tells its story makes it an unmitigated disaster. Nilo is a former cop thrown off the force for a crime he didn’t commit. His wife has become frustrated with having to provide for both Nilo and her younger brother Rhenan, both of whom spend most of their time at home doing nothing. One night, after a heated argument, Nilo’s wife is killed, and the brothers-in-law run from the law. Interrogated by the police, Nilo confesses everything, telling the tale of his wife’s death and the subsequent escape that leads to a series of murders along the way. We find out how during the course, there are points where Nilo forces sex on Rhenan in the name of taking his mind off, kills a thief on the way when he tries to come between the 2 guys and a prostitute

The Trip

This film can definitely be added in the list of beautiful gay romantic films that I have seen and you should also add to your list if you follow my blog. You know how some films have that extra 'thing' that just draws you in. You don't need to have random sex scenes or anything. It is just emotions that ultimately connect with the audience and they believe in everything that is happening in the film. The film follows the relationship between two men starting from 1973 continuing into the 80's, giving an opportunity for many political and social commentaries having to do with the times.  At a swanky L.A. party, lean and lanky Tommy introduces himself to sexually and politically repressed Alan who is a wannabe writer, belongs to young republican group and his book is on homosexuality. When Alan invites Tommy for dinner, their connection is so intense that Alan's then spooky girlfriend Beverly realizes that there is definitely something much more going on. They keep

Il Sapore Del Grano (Italian) [The Flavor of Corn]

This is definitely a controversial subject but it also depends on the outlook of an individual towards the film. SOme can be offended while others can see it as a poignant tale of love that can never come together. In either csae, the film still leaves a lot to be desired and explained and as a viewer I felt a little cheated when I did not get explanations to certain events n the film. Lorenzo is a college student doing a student teaching assignment in a small Italian Village. He has recently lost his mother, is estranged from his father and has no family to speak of. One of his students Duilio atkes an instant liking for him and invites him home. Duilio's family is made up of his grandparents, his father, and a stepmother, and Lorenzo very much appreciates becoming a kind of surrogate cousin in the family. He is in the middle of a deteriorating, though short relationship with a woman and the human companionship is enjoyable. He ignores whatever sensual undertones there may be in

Saturno Contro (Italian) [Saturn In Opposition]

I have now seen this director's Ferzan Ozpetek few films mostly gay themed and I must say he has a penchant for telling interesting heart-felt stories. This film though does not match up to his earlier endeavors but just for the beautiful climax, I would give him 1 extra mark. Davide,a much admired writer lives with his artist partner Lorenzo. Davide has many admirers who wish to fall under his influence as a writer and Lorenzo likewise has many friends who are devoted to him. These friends gather at the home of Davide and Lorenzo for meals, parties and celebrations. Davide's close friend Antonio is married to the beautiful Angelica who is writing a book about smoking and is not aware that her husband is having an affair with florist Laura until a mutual friend, translator Neval - caring for both friends' concerns - shares the information. The possible disastrous discovery is overshadowed by the sudden hemorrhage suffered by Lorenzo during a communal meal. Each of the frie

Mine Vaganti (Italian) [Loose Cannon]

I wish I had started my new year with this gay film rather than the one I started with but better late than never. This was such a fantastic film. Though it still still does not reach to the level of 2 of my most favourite gay films but it is up there in terms on content, acting, direction and emotions that strikes a chord with audience. This is brilliant and the fact that it is a good mix of comedy and emotions as well make it a worth while experience.  Vincenzo owns a pasta making business. He is soon doing collaboration with a new partner and wants his sons Antonio and Tommaso to take over. Tomasso tells his brother that he cannot do this because he is gay and wants to become a writer. He alo tells him that he will tell everyone at dinner, so that his father gets angry and throws him out. But tables turn when at dinner, Antonio ruins Tomasso's plans and comes out to his family. As expected, the father gets angry and asks him to leave the house. The second son refrains from same

Alex und der Löwe (German) [Alex And Leo]

This German speaking movie begins with nice animations that instantly remind you of Pink Panther series and your expectations are raised. But as the movie progresses, you realize that it is such a predictable movie with very little charm in lead actors to carry it all the way through who hardly know the nuisances of acting in the first place. Leo is in advertisement who just broke off with his girlfriend of 4 years finally accepting that he is gay. Leo is a regular guy who catches his boyfriend cheating on him and is himself getting out of a relationship. Alex has 3 other friends: perky and sarcastic Tobi, a stage artist who gets shy every time he sees the same hot stranger, the psychologist Steffi and the hard-drinking Kerstin. The group of 4 have a chance encounter at a bar with Leo. Leo who has instant liking for Alex extends a hand of friendship and take it from here. Tobi as himself hates him and is always mean to Leo. Leo and Alex start hanging out and finally sleep together. Wh