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The Big Tease

The Big Tease is a surprisingly fun mocu-mentary movie about hairdressing as a competitive art form. My first exposure to such a genre and I cant decide if I like the genre itself. Maybe it will take time to get used to it. For this movie, it did not work for me. Crawford Mackenzie is the up and coming gay hair stylist from Glasgow, Scotland who has received an invitation to compete in Los Angeles for the coveted "Platinum Scissors" award. Mackenzie is delighted and gets a documentary crew together to document the events. The first mishap to take place is the fact that his credit card has been maxed out, unexpected to Mackenzie because he believed the participants expenses were taken care of. Second, he finds out that he was not invited to compete, but to watch. Mackenzie takes it upon himself to earn his HAG card (Hairdressers of America Guild) so he can become eligible to compete. Stig Ludwiggssen is the main competition for Mackenzie and comes off as a pompous jerk. Durin

Ice Blues : A Donald Strachey Mystery

I have loved Donald Strachey movies so far, so I was pretty excited to watch this one. This film is the fourth in series. I still have to watch the third one. These detective movies at least take you on a different path within gay community. The lead characters are still the same and its just another extension in their life. Strachey’s relationship with his partner Timmy is not all well. Timmy complains about the facts that they can't do anything with friends or movies or vacations because of Strachey's late night detective assignments. Plus its dangerous and he cant sleep. Then Timmy’s pet charity, a local youth center, is threatened with closure over a lack of funds. Late one night in a parking garage a mysterious figure gives Timmy a three million dollar donation. He is later found killed. But this donation comes with some serious strings attached. Soon someone is trying to kill Tommy. Things start to go out of hand, Timmy “hires” Donald to find out who the money really bel

Bowser Makes A Movie

The premise sounded interesting. It started off as well too. But somewhere in the initial few minutes itself, it was going nowhere. It seemed that the people had a contrived script and they just decided to make a movie out of it. Bowser is a young gay man who manages to get fired from all possible jobs that he ever manages to get. His accomplice in his is his friend JJ who is always with him. Bowser comes up with this brilliant idea to direct porn films to make money. His ex-military dada refuses. Bowser tries to sell his idea to a publishing firm telling that he will write a book for that and make a film but the company agrees for only the book part. The head of the company (a smart sexy young married man) has a soft spot for Bowser. Bowser manages to get some funding for his film by disguising as his father and mortgaging their house. He ends up losing that money. But JJ manages to get some money from a dangerous loan shark and they start the movie. Things dont go smooth as Bowser

Endgame (UK)

Now this was disturbing movie and a lengthy one. The director definitely look a lot of liberties in the entire script and went along with it. The movie is strictly very ok. Tom is a rent boy living in stunning flat somewhere London which is financed by his gangster lover/pimp Norris. Tom does little except sitting and smoking waiting for Norris to pop round, whiff a line of coke and start beating ten belts out of him. Then there is the cop Dunston who enjoys Tom from time to time. Soon Tom meets Max and Nikke , an American couple as their neighbors. For some inexplicable reason Max takes a shine to Tom and invites him round for dinner. Unfortunately when Tom returns hme, Norris is waiting for him. He gets upset and wants to torture Tom but Tom doesn't wanna take it and in a an accidental twist, Norris gets hurt and dies and turns up to his new friends for help. Conveniently they have a cottage out in the middle of nowhere in Wales where they can all flee. This turns out, luckily,

Denied (Canada)

Shot almost entirely in a basement apartment with lighting coming from a few table and bed lights this film is very dark. In at least half the scenes you have a very difficult time seeing the leads faces! Compounding the downside of this film is a really bad soundtrack, with lots of thumps, knocks and barely audible dialog. College dropouts Troy and Merrick share an apartment in a dead-end town. They appear to sleep together sometimes, but their own mental issues plus a psychotic former girlfriend sabotage their chances at a relationship. Maybe it's mostly about unrequited love but its just plain dull and annoying. There is nothing more than this that I would like to write about this film. It was simply BAD. (0/10)


Like a few other movies, 5 minutes into the movie I realize that I have seen this movie before. But what the heck, since I dont remember it anyway, might as well watch it. And it was frankly not that bad although lot of it did not make any sense. Jackson, a blue haired, skinny LA poet works in a music store for his friend Sam, who owns the store. Jackson is infatuated with Billy, a guy whom he saw in an orgy party. One day he meets him but son realizes that he is into SnM with a famous singer for whom actually Jackson is writing lyrics. Meanwhile there is this good looking neighbor Derek, who seems to be completely in love with Jackson and keeps visiting the store just to look at him but obviously Jackson is completely clueless. One day he finds the courage and tells Jackson. They kiss but Jackson doesn't feel anything. Enters Jackson's cousin who is a typical straight guy. Jackson gets infatuated with him and seriously starts contemplating incest. But he is soon lured by one

Oh Happy Day (UK)

There are very few gay romantic comedy films. So in that sense watching this movie was interesting. Its 2 hours of escapism on how and what you would define happiness in life. David and Jonathan meet at a advertising awards party and end up having a one night stand which later turns out to be a small date with Jonathan's family when Jonathan's daughter and ex wife welcome him in the morning. The blond David from New York likes black Jonathan's family (they live in England) and they spend some time together and decide to meet later. Next day they realize that David is actually client for Jonathan's company and they will be working together for a while. Jonathan completely freaks out and asks David that they should forget what happened and concentrate on work. David is hurt but goes along with it. They both try to bring each other down during this period (some hilarious sequences) but ultimately realize that they love each other and like to be with each other. During thi

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

The second movie in series takes a different turn this time. In he first series the girl asks her straight room mate to pretend to be gay to get the girl and here something reverse happens. After Kyle and Marc breaks because of trivial issues, Kyle doesn't know what to do. Marc is the hot guy and Kyle always suspects him. Marc along-with girlfriends Tiffany and Gwen attend a arts class where they meet a naked hot model Troy. Troy is confused about his sexuality. With Gwen and Tiffany's help Kyle pretends that he is gay turned straight and can help Troy with it. His ultimate motive is to sleep with him. Meanwhile Marc sees this and he befriends Troy but doesn't lie to him. They become hang out buddies and eventually when they try to have sex, Marc flips out. He still has feelings for Kyle. Troy soon finds out that Kyle had been lying to him to get into bed with him. Towards the end everything is fine. They all become friends and after a series of incidents on campus, Kyle