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The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (Korean Series)

A Korean office romance with some supernatural fantasy twist!! Sign me up!! Well, at leasts that was what my reaction was when I read the summary of this show and to be honest, the first two episodes were quite interesting and intriguing, but somehow for me the show just went downhill after that (which we will discuss in detail). The clunky narrative doesn't flow smoothly. It's like watching random events pieced together instead of a cohesive story.The show feels like more of the other Korean shows, which have probably been made as a film or something but broken down into episodes or series for whatever reason. This one was 10 episodes of about 12-15 minutes each, so thankfully an easy watch. Dongbaek is a new employee who is supposed to start work in Performance planning department for a celebrity agency managing work for famous singer Denis. However, unexpectedly he is transferred to be the CEO's assistant. He isn unhappy but needs a job, so he stays. When they meet, the

Wildness (Spanish/English) (Documentary)

Wu Tsang was a 25-year-old art student when he and some friends decided to start a weekly club night at the Silver Platter, an immigrant gay bar near MacArthur Park. On most nights, dolled-up transgender Latinas swirled around a checkered dance floor, singing in Spanish and sipping $4 glasses of champagne. But Wildness, as Tsang’s Tuesday night party was called, drew a different crowd. Now each week, flocks of artists, queer punks and dance music junkies packed the bar for boundary-pushing performances and DJ sets. This collision of the two underground scenes and the unintended consequences of the party’s growing popularity is what this documentary tries to cover. We are introduced to a small town bar called 'The Silver Platter', a bar and beacon of sanctuary for the Trans community. We spend some time learning and appreciating how this small club has been a safe heaven for Latin trans members giving them opportunity to be themselves, perform on stage, hang out with people with

Till The World Ends (Thai Series)

I appreciate the ambition shown by Till the World Ends, which does something different than your standard BL romances. A Thai BL dystopian drama, where the moon is about to collide with earth in a few days and we see a new love story brewing up. The circumstances that led to these two individuals meeting, falling in love and then dealing with what's going on forms the crux of the plot. I have mixed feelings about the show but we will talk about that later. The show is 10 episodes of about 45 minutes each. According to news, moon will strike the earth soon and government has asked people to son move to bunkers, but some popped still continue to live ordinary lives. We meet Golf, a medical student, who doesn't believe the news and is very much in love with his girlfriend but is also possessive about her. When he sees her talking to and cozying up with a new student Art. When he confronts, she breaks up with him because of distrust issues but he pleads to get hr back. In a violent

Gay Short Films From Taiwan

A Cohabitation (Taiwan) 2013, Taipei, a gay couple who just moved in together are forced to separate because one of them has HIV. The rules eventually change in 2015. The film is very realistic and the two actors do an amazing job. The support they gave each other was too good and hopefully more people do that. Craving (Taiwan) An apartment. Two Nights. A strange romance between a lonely policeman and a bartender. When the cop returns the next night for another rendezvous, he finds the guy with another man completely crushing his feelings leading to devastating end. Midnight Tod (Taiwan) Because of his rebellious personality, Hao gets fired from his hair salon. He takes all his belongings to stay at Tod's place. Unsatisfied with the current situation but remaining hopeful to the future, they try to do something to against the world and get the rewards they deserve, even they have to go separate ways. Gentleman Spa (Taiwan) Hao, a chubby gay man, works as a janitor at a gay spa. For

Chouchou (French)

A high energy, over the top comedy is one way to describe this film. Part fantasy, part thriller and part love story, this is essentially story of one man, a transvestite who has always liked to dress up as a girl and his survival story after immigrating to France. Clearly the film is meant to showcase the immense talent of the lead actor, who single handedly shoulders the film and does an incredible job with it. Chouchou arrives in Paris migrating from Chile (although I feel from looks and setting that the arrival should have been from somewhere North Africa, but that detail is irrelevant). Trying to find place to stay, he is taken in by a kindly priest Father Leon and Brother Jean, who also help him get a job in a psychoanalyst office as a receptionist and cleaner. The lady doctor is very friendly and one days asks what Chouchou's wish is. He tells her he would love to b a woman from head to toe. Unsurprised the doctor asks her to come dressed as woman and be herself. Chouchou is

7 Θυμοί (Greek) [7 Kinds Of Wrath]

I am having a hard time reviewing this film. There was something artistic and poetic about the film as to the way it was directed, but I just couldn't comprehend what it was really trying to tell. A Greek gay man meets a young Arab, acquires experiences and pays the emotional and existential price. It feels there's so much it want to say: be it a forbidden love story, or the whole idea of 7 wraths (which, by the way, is never really clear while watching the film), but it just never fully delivers. Petros, a 45-year-old office archaeologist, has just come out of a long-term relationship, disillusioned by the romantic notion of self-less love. During a visit to the ancient theater of Argos, he will meet Hussam, a young Arab immigrant who eventually becomes his lover. As you can imagine, Hussam sometimes has these guilt situations given his Arab origins, but also something about Petros that makes him want to be with him. Petros also helps manage a small music group of young Albani

Glen Or Glenda [I Changed My Sex]

While the subject matter of this film is definitely ahead of its time, it’s the kind of film , where actors seem to be reading lines from a book trying to educate people about transvestism.Its like hearing a narrator telling a story without compassion and feelings. It is just not a good film, however noble the intention may have been to educate people back in the 50s. It’s poorly shot, atrociously acted and further butchered by a ton of editing mistakes. The director of this film is Ed Wood, a director known for some of the worst films of all times, mostly horror. It’s about a cop who, after having been called in to investigate the apparent suicide of a transvestite, consults a psychologist to better understand crossdressers. The good doctor then tells him the story of Glen, a man who struggles with telling his fiance that he likes to wear women’s clothing. He fears that she’ll reject him once she knows the truth, and his anxiety grows as their wedding date grows ever closer. Then the

Finding You (Web Series)

A 10 episode short film series ( I guess a new phrase for web series). This series has its heart at the right place. Acting is overall ok, but I am still struggling to really dissect on what was missing, because something definitely was. And hopefully while I write this article, I would have figured that out. At 10 episodes of about 20 minutes each, the story is a realistic take on modern gay relationship, where our protagonists who seem to be stuck in toxic relationships get a chance to be happy with each other after a chance encounter. Apparently the show started in 2021 and ended almost after 1 year in late 2022 with every episode being released after a gap of 1 month or two (ouch!!). Thank God! I watch dit all at once now, because I can't imagine waiting this long to watch the next episode every single time. We are introduced to two couples. Shane's boyfriend Ethan loves to party and drink all the time. Has has also been cheating on Shane multiple times and Shane knows abou

Check Out (Thai Series)

The biggest problem of this show is that it is stretched way beyond its needed to. The show has 12 episodes with two additional Episode 0 and Episode 13 to cover some before and after stuff, and each episode is over an hour long. Problem is that the real story is covered in first 3 episodes and after that its the repetition of same stuff from Episode 4 till the very end and it just goes round and round in circles without any meaningful result. And besides the story itself, I have serious issues with the characters of each of these individuals: Falling in love, blindly cheating, justifying it, workplace issues etc, this show has everything that is totally unacceptable in my life. Dao and Tee work in the same office and were boyfriends but are now separate. Dao takes a vacation by himself and there he meets Nine with whom he has a very passionate one night stand. But Dao never hears back from Nine for months, despite them promising to keep in touch. The company that Dao and Tee work for

What Did You Eat Yesterday? The Movie (Japanese)

I had been looking for a copy of this movie to watch ever since I found out that there is a film which is a follow up of one of my favorite and endearing series. And after having seen it, I can confidently say that is a true follow up which replicates the successful formula, carrying the same hilarious humour, nuanced storytelling, and tasty recipes. Beneath the charming comedy, the film gently approaches emotional themes about family, relationships, and long-term commitment. I had high expectations from the film and I am very happy to say that the film didn't disappoint at all. We know Shiro and Kenji as the loving couple now, who have been together for a while and despite their very contrasting personalities, make their relationship work and how! The film starts with Shiro taking Kenji on vacation, an event which is very unlike Shiro. Worried about the reason, it turns out that Shiro is doing this as an apology since his parents do not want Kenji to join the family for New Years,

My Toxic Lover (Filipino Series)

What a terrible terrible show. WIth just 7 episodes each of about 45ish minutes, the acting, story, direction; everything was so badly done (in the name of a high and posh production value) that the episodes seemed to go on forever. The story is disjointed with self-indulgent characters that bully and intimidate others around them. Filled also with over-the-top gay characters who portray 'gay' behavior in the worst possible way. The worst thing is that not only did I have to endure the show, I have to now relive the memories while I write this review. Ethon is a big shot actor who works in BL series. A new upcoming actor is his competition and since he is younger he starts to get work. The production company that he works for, the daughter of the boss throws herself all over Ethon. One day Ethon meets Bryce, a import from the village/mountain who is in the big city for art and to make some money for his family. Ethan likes Bryce and in some oddest way creates situations for the

A Família do Barulho (Portuguese) [A Noisy Family]

What the fuck was this film. Agreed it came way back in 70s, but even then I don't understand the whole point. It felt more like a collage of random still photographs and video edits some random scenes of kids playing, neighborhood events and just random events happening which are sown together. There is a hint f story which takes up like 15 minutes on the film but the rest 50 odd minutes is just this random montage. If these multiple characters that keep coming in and out are supposed to represent something, well then, this film definitely went all over my head. Shot in just four days, this film is a soap opera about the adventures of a double-dealing from Rio de Janeiro implicated with a strange and confused middle class family. A dysfunctional family, composed of a prostitute and two gays, one strong and the other fragile and stupid, lives a routine life in Rio de Janeiro. The gay couple just fool around and waste the all day, so when the prostitute threatens the other two to st

That's My Candy (Thai Series)

Was this show supposed to be a parody of sorts? If yes, then act was it making fun of? The whole BL genre maybe, but it was never clear. For my own sanity I seriously hope that the makers were intentionally not making a genuine serious show but just something for fun. Because besides a wafer thin plot, the only thing going for the show was very few genuinely funny moments and reactions but the characters are so unimaginative and atrocious that its hard to believe in them. Thankfully at 6 episodes of about 40 minutes each, we don't have to endure the show for long. Guy and Jing have been in a relationship for 3 years. Guy is a hard working nurse while Jing is a film student. But due to his busy work schedules, there are a lot of times Guy is unable to keep his promise of spending time with Jing. When this happens repeatedly, one night Jing leaves the home suddenly indicating their break ups snd goes to live with his best friend Kana, who has always had a crush on Jing. Guy wishes to

For They Know Not What They Do (Documentary)

When the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality across the nation in 2015, many assumed that the fight for LGBTQ rights was won. But politicians and religious conservatives launched a state-by-state campaign to retract the human rights of America's LGBTQ citizens under the guise of religious freedom. Introducing four American families caught in the crosshairs of scripture, sexuality, and identity, this documentary weaves together clips from the national news and the church pulpit, alongside family photos and intimate testimonies to show the undeniable connection between the personal and the political.  These individual experiences of rejection and validation, tragedy and triumph include Ryan Robertson, who was encouraged by his Christian family to attend conversion therapy; Sarah McBride, the transgender student body president who went on to work at the White House; Vico Báez Febo, whose Catholic grandmother locked him out of the house when a neighbor outed him; and Elliot Porch

Blue Of Winter (Korean Mini-Series)

This 5 part mini-series is clearly low on production-budget, seemed like a good start at the beginning but the  incoherent narrative struggles to introduce characters properly or develop the relationships organically. Overall, the series is confusing, frustrating, and unsatisfying to watch. Thankfully with short number of episodes averaging at a 10 minute average run time, it was easy to breeze it through quickly. Hyun Woo, high school student trains in judo but has recently injured his knee in a competition, the winner of which is Do Jin, who is now joining the same school. Hyun Woo hopes that some day he will get to have a match with Do Jin. Do Jin seems to have a crush on Hyun Wo and one day musters the courage to get his phone number. One of Hyun Woo's friend has a very outgoing personality and he also has a crush on him and confesses his love, The friend and Hyun Woo start spending more time together eventually leading to school gossip and break up. Do Jin also finally finds c


This is not atypical gay/queer film but has a strong subtext and hence I am going to review here. This is primarily a story about repressed sexuality and the impact of those trapped in the lie. It takes you on a journey through the past to the present using race and sex as the drivers for something everyone is now familiar with. The tone is haunting but the setting is very much theatre like with four son 4 primary characters are the dialogues between them. The characters seem mysterious, but sadly the film failed to hold my attention for too long and I found myself drowsing away. The story takes place in 1959 New England. A biracial couple, the Millers, are invited to visit a psychiatrist and his wife, the Burkes, to help gain entrance to the social community around them. The Burkes are respected members of the community and its social structure, but this is not who they really are. Mr. Burke, a psychiatrist, is involved in homosexual relationship with one (or possibly more) of his 

Catching A Predator (UK) (Documentary)

An inside look at the investigation into Reynhard Sinaga, the most prolific rapist in British history. Last year, Sinaga was convicted of 159 male rapes and sexual assaults between 2015 and 2017, although police believe there were many more. Surprised? We don't often get to hear male victims of rape come forward and tell their story, so this one hour long documentary was a very interesting insight. Although I feel like the title is slightly misleading, because cashing the culprit here was straight forward, but it was the investigation, making people talk and actually proving that our man is the main accused , which was an ordained task. Reynhard Sinaga, a mature 30-something student of Vietnamese origin living in Manchester, drugged men he met at clubs and bars and raped them, documenting the abuse on video. Waking up, the men would feel groggy, remember nothing, and usually assume that they drank too much, and that Sinaga had kindly given them a place to stay. Most had no idea tha

War Of Y (Thai Series)

20 hours of my life (or anyone's time for that matter) that we are never gonna get back. 20 full episodes, each of 1 whole hour, four stories of 5 episodes each, trying to expose the Y industry in Thailand. Although to be honest after first two episodes, I started to watch in fast forward motion, because my intuition was telling me that this will be an ordeal to watch, and man was I right!! But what a mess this was. With a plethora of characters introduced in the very first episode, I was so confused as tow hat really is going on, I had my head scratching. The show is a huge mess in more than one ways, the excessive length being definitely one of it. Also way too many characters, who suddenly disappear for episodes at large only to reappear. There is no way anyone can keep up with this show. And I am shocked beyond words that the series has received generally a favorable review online. Either I am missing something or I have completely lost my taste for content consumption. Story 1

The Men Who My Father Loved (Japanese)

So, I am forgetting the name of the film, but I had seen a Japanese film sometime back, which had a decent story line but backed by a LOT of sex scenes. This film feels similar in the sense that yes, there is a coherent plot and a story that is being told (which could probably have been told as a short story) but there are a LOT of sex scenes in the film. I'd say good 60% plus film is sex scenes. So, I don't know if this is like a soft porn or whatever. A man returns to his home in Kyoto after being away for a year. His father has been dead now and the sister is taking care of the home. Now that she wants to get married and move with her boyfriend, the sister decides to sell their childhood home since both of their parents have passed away. The boy recalls that his father used to have a favorite watch and starts to look for it, but he stumbles across a notebook titled "My Memories." He starts to read it and sees the words written on the first page saying "The men

Sky In Your Heart (Thai Series)

A good change to see a Thai BL series set outside a Thai university where everyone looks and feels the same: the protagonists, the issues and even the story. So this feels like a welcome change. This series is supposedly a spin off front he show 'Star In My Mind', which I have not seen. But not knowing anything about the series, didn't stop me from completely appreciating this show. I feel like the show may just be a spin off of some characters and not the story itself, because this show felt pretty independent. Like most Thai shows, the episodes each run for about 45 minutes and this show has 8 of them. Doctor Fat arrives in a village in the mountains to do some time for community service. We are later told that he was in a 7 year relationship with his girlfriend who broke with him because he was so busy and never had time for her. Since then he has commitment issues. On the wedding day of his ex, he gets too drunk and accidentally crashes his car, because of which this co


A typical low budget gay film, this can best be described as an erotic psychological thriller and emotional roller coaster. The film has two very good looking and hot leads and the film uses their full strength with ample body and ass hots to keep the viewers engaged. Sadly at almost 2 hours the film length, it feels like the film goes on and on forever. Daniel, 29 year old, is a very successful and charming TV host. But suddenly he starts getting panic attacks when he is out jogging and what it feels like getting into depression.The experience is as if he has claustrophobia in a large public space. Daniel is gay and is very very private person , so we don't know what's happening to him. Enter Alexander, a young 18 year old teem who flirts with Daniel at a club and then eventually shows up at his home one night. Slowly, despite Daniel's reluctance, Alexander spends more and more time with Daniel, cooking, showering, having lot of sex, walking around, talking about things et