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Gay Short Films : 33

Nubes Flotantes (Mexico) - They swim and dance in water like wandering clouds. Maremoto (Brasil) - Two childhood friends head to at a deserted beach, to surf. When they get there, however, the sea is flat. As they wait for a wave that never comes, one of them decides to make a revelation MUM (USA) - In this nearly wordless short, a deaf swimmer—a regular at his gym’s pool—tries to attract a guy he has his eyes on, but wonders if his disability may get in the way. Manifesto (Spain) - A free adaptation of Mario Benedetti´s poem with gay snapshots. Katie and Arin (USA) - Set against backdrop of conservative Oklahoma, two transgendered hare their stories. Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant (USA) - A musical video “I Try to Talk to You” First Time Gay Sex (Germany) - 10 things you shouldn't do... when you have sex the first time with another man. Battlefield (Australia) - Two young gay men embark on a one night stand. Both with very different understandings

Helicopter Mom

Probably the intentions behind this movie were nice but everything that looks perfect on paper may not necessarily translate into something meaningful. This becomes even harder when the subject is comedy. It is not easy to direct a comedy, so full marks to the film-maker for attempting this subject. Unfortunately a lot of scenes of the film just fall flat. Lloyd Cooper, a high school, nerdy shy guy lives with his financially pressed, over-bearing single mother Maggie Cooper. Maggie likes to be involved in every detail of life – from homework to activities to love life. Lloyd hasn’t figured out if he is straight or gay and no intention yet to pursue a relationship. But this doesn’t stop Maggie from assuming that her son is gay. She even manages to ‘out’ him at the school. Even worse, she takes it upon herself to surreptitiously submit an application for him for a gay student college scholarship, forcing her horrified son to play along with the deceit. The proceedings then mostly sh

Boys Like Us (French/German)

A story of friendship and re-assessing your life, this film does bring a relatively refreshing subject from al the stereotypical gay stuff that we get. But does everything that sounds good as an idea, actually translate into something interesting; we will have to wait and read? But whatever happens, I would like to applaud the makers for trying something different. The characters here just happen to be gay. This film could have as well ben equally meaningful with straight characters because ultimately the film is about reassessing friendship, insecurities in life and whether or not we are in love. Rudolf, a bookshop salesman and a wanna be writer gets dumped by his boyfriend. So after the break-up, he is heart-broken and decides to leave Paris to go back to Austria and start his life afresh including leaving behind his 2 best friends; Gabriel, an actor and Nicolas, a bar waiter. Unable to figure out how to react to Rudolf’s neurotic decision, the two of them decide to take off fro

Best Day Ever

Oh My God!! yes, we still make terrible shitty gay themed films, where we want all attention on ourselves and torture the audience. This film definitely falls into this category. It has a simple story but it has been stretched beyong belief and it just tests our patience. David, an independent filmmaker, is turning 50 and is questioning his life, whether he has done something meaningful, whether he has found true love.. blah blah blah. Does he truly love his long term partner? We find out that they have a minor aragonite over dinner and they decide to split (what?). David’s friend then introduces him to his cousin Shane, who is a loner from Indiana and because David’s friend thinks that the two loners can make a life together. Sure enough, for whatever reason the two click together and finally David finds the true love. Yes the story is that simple but the screenplay and the direction and the acting is terrible. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. David keeps going on and on a

Gay Short Films : 32

Dirty Magazines (USA) In the '80s, a mother-son relationship takes a wild left turn after she discovers adult material under her son's bed the morning of his 16th birthday. It is hilarious take on the extent that she would go to first make sure that his son is not gay. This includes even hiring a male prostitute so that nothing could happen.  Nobody I Know (USA) A boy brings home his first trick only to have his mother and little sister in way to his satisfaction. Funny!! Beau mâle recherche (Canada) [Hot Guy Looking For] We follow a day in life af a gay man obsessed with grindr trying to find his perfect match. We go through the different profiles of guys he is growing. Very interesting. Fikon (Sweden) [Figs] 'He loved the sperm, especially my sperm, which he said tasted like sugar from all the soda I was drinking daily.' Memories of a brief, passionate affair. In all simplicity strongly portrayed debut with text and images engaging in a riveting battle. You

Hunting Season : Series 2 (Web Series)

I was relatively new to the whole concept of gay web series when I watched season 1 but it is so encouraging to see that these web series are doing so well that the makers are coming up with more season of the hugely popular series. I remember really enjoying the season one so I was quite looking forward to season 2. Unlike season 1, this time it was only 4 episodes of about 20 minutes each. Alex, the blogger, is still the centre stage of this season and we also see what’s happening in the life of 3 of his friends. Alex has been single for a while and enjoying but when he sees his ex in a happy married life with another guy and a baby, he gets depressed. He always thought they would eventually get back together at some point in life. He unloads this all on a random guy he meets that night; who ends up becoming good friends with Alex’s sister who comes to visit him because she could use a break from their parents. Alex is still rude and mean to everyone including occasionally to hi

Virados do avesso (Portuguese)

How I wanted to like this film. The poster of the film looks nice and the premise seemed interesting as well but unfortunately the film went from being stupid to getting stupider as time went by. It was just so odd with everything that was happening. Some people (read film makers), may term this as dark comedy or something, but I for a change did not get any laughs on any scene. João & Carlos have been together for 5 years. One morning João wakes up not remembering he is gay and freaks out seeing Carlos in bed naked with him. He is disoriented and thinks that everyone around him(his sister, his parents, his publisher) have all gone crazy and they are trying to make him gay. João is a celebrated writer and is soon supposed to finish his first gay-themed book but is not stuck in last chapter which becomes difficult to finish now, since he can’t even remember that he is gay. His competitor Isabella on the other hand has announced the launch of her book. One drunk night when they