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Gay Short Films : 32

Dirty Magazines (USA)
In the '80s, a mother-son relationship takes a wild left turn after she discovers adult material under her son's bed the morning of his 16th birthday. It is hilarious take on the extent that she would go to first make sure that his son is not gay. This includes even hiring a male prostitute so that nothing could happen. 

Nobody I Know (USA)
A boy brings home his first trick only to have his mother and little sister in way to his satisfaction. Funny!!

Beau mâle recherche (Canada) [Hot Guy Looking For]
We follow a day in life af a gay man obsessed with grindr trying to find his perfect match. We go through the different profiles of guys he is growing. Very interesting.

Fikon (Sweden) [Figs]
'He loved the sperm, especially my sperm, which he said tasted like sugar from all the soda I was drinking daily.' Memories of a brief, passionate affair. In all simplicity strongly portrayed debut with text and images engaging in a riveting battle. You feel like you have just entered the lives of this gay couple and have just witnessed what a beautiful memory they share.

Surprise, Surprise (USA)
Dylan has just moved into his first New York City apartment and his mom is visiting. Just then his boyfriend, Justin, suddenly shows up. Thinking that his mother will get surprised, things take an interesting turn when Dylan’s mo’s lesbian lover also shows up. Both mom and the son have “coming out” to do.

The Drama of Everyday (USA)
Lead male character reflects on a one night stand and how it affects him, sending him into an emotional abyss. Strictly ok.

Beard The Lion (USA)
A guitar shop owner and his shy younger brother live together. Their daily routine gets increasingly hectic by homophobia by two young men from the neighbourhood. The owner has a police record , so his lover and younger brother always try to stop him from getting angry but things take an ugly turn when the two homophobes will go to any extent to show their dislike for gays. This will lead to both the owner and the homophobes death.

Waschküchenstimmung (Germany) [Laundry Mood]
This short addresses the homophobia in football when the coach calls out all sort of faggot jokes to one of the players not realising that the player knows very well that the coach is gay.

The Scoundrel
Excerpt from the no-budget first feature film from the director of "Last Summer". Short and sweet.

O Melhor Amigo (Brazil) [The Best Friend]
Lucas and Felipe spend their first day of vacation together joking around and hanging out at the beach. Sun, sand, sea, music; everything sounds perfect until Felipe goes for a random fling with an older lady. And this is when reality hits Lucas. He has feelings for his best friend. He may look chill and happy but his heart yearns of this best friend. Lucas is brilliant and so is Felipe. The pain of that first crush and love that you can’t get is so real.

Fuckbuddies (Spain)
2 straight guys are in middle of nowhere in the car. They are trying to have sex but it starts getting uncomfortable in the car. They start talking about their wives and girlfriends while attempting to do it. It just ends up with the two guys sitting in the car, totally nude and just talking like str8 guys. It was pretty cool.

Burnt (Canada)
A recount of the events told by the lover's voice. A story of courage and despair triggered by a father's actions and by the traditional ways in which the boy's family was conformed.

Love, Ltd. (USA)
When a gay asian brother and sister decide to “come out” at dinner on the very same night the unexpected happens. The sister is shocked because she always felt the brother got away with all attention and the mother tries to objectively see the whole situation. Funny!!

Europe Is Our Playground (Spain)
A musical number with a nude man standing in middle of jungle almost naked and different interacting with him. Really weird !!

Swimsuit (USA)
Paul, a naive loner in a coastal town, meets a quiet young stranger, Charlie, on a gloomy day at the beach. They spend a sweet and quiet afternoon together, starting an unlikely friendship that blurs the line between romantic and platonic affection. Loved it!!


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