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Gay Short Films : 63

Rojo (Venezuela) [Red] Jesse, an adolescent teen gets a proposal on chat by an unknown gay 'friend' for a blind date. Jesse insists he uses a 'red' shirt so he can recognize him. What Jesse never imagined was who could he possibly meet in that situation! Did he just see his father in red? Lake (Israel) An animated short of possibility of love between a man and a half man/horse around a spectacular hidden lake Room 303 (Canada) A teenager exacts his revenge on the bully responsible for making his life a living hell. He plans to shoot him but will he be successful in execution? Amsterdam (Australia) Matt's night takes an unexpected turn as he hits it off with a handsome stranger at the farewell party of his best friend. Even though Matt is moving to Amsterdam in a few days but they both can't deny the connection. A Monsoon Date (India) A very interesting short film about a trans female who is about to meet her boyfriend of 1 month but today she

2 Minutes Later

This is the probably first of a kind lesbian/gay man buddy movie. Add suspense and detective, and it's a recipe for further interesting subject. Sadly, a lo0t is left desired in the execution of this film. The story of the film is actually quite simple and doesn't offer much to look forward tp and hence feels a bit stretched. Kyle Dalmar is a famous photographer who suddenly goes missing. We see that he is being shot by someone. Few days later, a friend of his hires a lesbian named Abigail to find out secret behind Kyle's disappearance. We then meet Michael Dalmar, Kyle's twin brother who is just 2 minutes younger than him but the brothers have not spoken in 10 years. Incidentally both brothers are gay. When Kyle's assistant mistakes Michael to be Kyle, He pretends to live his brother's life but Abigail soon finds out the truth. Now Abigail and Michael are on a trail of talking to all models and people whom Kyle had shot through his camera. Eventually they

Tchaikovsky (Docu-Drama) (UK)

This film is a docu-drama, made for TV BBC film that came out in 2007. An autobiography of Russian musician Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), this film dramatically shows his past and also is laced with his music pieces when the narrator goes around in present days and talks to various musicians. Tchaikovsky was very young when he was sent to boarding school. Having lost his mother at the young age of 14, he started training in music and soon starts getting popular. When he becomes a college professor, he meets his first love who inspires him to compose for Romeo & Juliet, but eventually he dies after few years of cholera. Incidentally Tchaikovsky's brother is also gay and they both along with other popular artists spend time as themselves in an underground gay club. After years of promiscuity, at some point he starts fearing that public knowledge of his sexuality would be the end of his career and he could get arrested, he decides to get married as a cover. He meets A

Shadowlands (Mini Series)

This film is a anthology of 3 separate stories which explore love. Lets get this right out at the very beginning, the trailer and premise of the film sounds interesting but it is very dull and painful to watch. Even the stories are not interesting, and bad acting just makes the whole concept even worse. First story title Narcissus is about this doctor who has suddenly become obsessed with fixing people and their beauty. Set in 1928 post world war 1, the doctor realizes amidst a party of colorful people that the only person he is interested in is himself. It ends up with his ex-girlfriend killing him. The second story is slightly better. Set in 50s we meet a gay couple spending a week in the woods and exploring the idea of maybe opening up their relationship. They both have doubts, but then they meet a mysterious stranger at the river who tells them about his lost love and eventually they all make love. What comes as surprise later is that the mysterious stranger has been dead for