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Un Rubio (Spanish) [The Blonde One]

I should have known this while I was watching this film, but as soon as the credits rolled in at the end and I saw Marco Berger's name as the director, I exclaimed 'I knew it!'. Throughout the film i kept getting these vibes That this is so much like the films he makes and sure enough I wasn't wrong. Its surprising how you can start predicting the film-maker based on the kind of films they make. And if you have been a regular to my blog, I have mostly enjoyed all of his films and the underlying theme in all his films is the sexual tension he builds up. We have seen that in so many of his previous films and you wonder what he will do next but again, he brings us something new and fresh which you cannot take your eyes off. Gabriel and Juan work together in a wood factory. When a housemate leaves, Juan invites Gabo, that blonde guy, to rent on the rooms in his inherited flat in Buenos Aires. Gabo is incredible shy and barely speaks anything but is very easily taken in

Gay Short Films : 71

The Shit!: An Opera (USA) After taking the biggest sh*t of his life, Frankie is inspired to successfully bottom for the first time. And he calls the famous neighborhood top to do the honors. Niño pez (Venezuela) [Kid Fish] When a young boy cant face rejection by his one time male hook-up, he shows his evil side by killing his dog. Hallelujah (Canada) A dance performance set in a church in Montreal  to send a message of queer acceptance. Cock N' Bull 2 (USA) Wes and Chris, in couples counseling, decide to explore opening the relationship to spice up their sex life, and in the process meet some ver interesting individuals. (The first part was reviewed in the past here ) Adult (Australia) A string desire to search for his dead son's reality, a mother finds out about the porn star alias that her son was living with. Inquilinos (Spain) [Tenants] An older lesbian couple is very excited to see a young gay couple move in next door, except the gay couple thinks of

Dew (Thai)

This film is set in two different eras which give us a glimpse of what time were like in Thailand during both years. This film is interesting with a novel plot but sadly there are quite a few misses in the screenplay and direction and the message doesn't come across as strongly as it should have and it could have. Thankfully very charming and beautiful actors save the face with their good emotional acting making this film poignant. Had this been done well, it could have turned out so much better. The film starts in 1996 in a small town in Thailand where Dew has recently moved to. He meets a fellow schoolmate Pob who is a couple of years senior to him. Soon their friendship grows and they both realize that there is more to it and a romance blossoms. But because of the day and time, their secret is out soon and it impacts both of them. Pob's family is very strict and of Chinese origin and his father disowns him when he realizes that despite warnings Pob continues to love Dew

Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood

As if the original film wasn't bad film, the makers had the audacity to come up with a sequel of theis film. You can imagine how bad the film was when none of the original actors are retained for the sequel. I doubt that there was any other reason for this film except to show some hot bodied men naked, in full glory with some penis shots. Add to this a lit bot of romance, blood, vampire, a quick and easy film is made. Caleb is now living with Jasin and even though Tara was not the chosen one , she is also with them along with Jasin's entourage. Enter Demetrius, another vampire who is looking to build an army. We soon find out the reaosn for that is to get rid of Jasin. Demetrius was Jasin's master's original chosen one who left him for a new chosen one and this has caused a lot of anger within him. And he now just wants to destroy Jasin and his coven making a new brood for himself. He comes up with a plan to convert Tara against Jasin. He partially succeeds in this

Everything's Gonna Be Okay (Web Series)

OMG! When I found that Josh Thomas is coming up with his next show, I was crazy excited. Afterall, 'Please Like Me' is one of the best shows that is out there. His quirky sense of humor, the sharp and witty dialogues and how every scenes feels real and human and not acting is his distinct charm and I could not wait to watch the 10 episodes of this series that are available of 'Freeform', a platform that, to be honest, I had not heard of till now. Nicholas, a 20-something Australian, is visiting his father in America and his 2 half-sisters. The night before he is supposed to go back, he meets a boy named Alex and sparks fly. The next day he is told by his father that he is cancer and is about to die and so he will need to take care of his sisters. The series, essentially then, follows the siblings on how all of them deal with the grief and learn to be there for each other, care for each other, be there for each other and most importantly for Nicholas on how to balan

Vampire Boys

As you can imagine , when there is a gay vampire horror film; your expectations are already very very low. And so were mine. I was fully expecting to see something stupidly ridiculous where I will be constantly rolling my eyes and cursing the makers. But I have to say, this film wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be in my mind. This is not to say that it was good by any means but sometimes its all about expectations. Caleb has moved to California to attend college and is staying with Paul, an attractive college guy whom he met online. Soon after arriving Caleb starts getting this visions about a guy Jasin and so does Jasin about Caleb. Jasin and Caleb meet at school, and the attraction between them is instantaneous. The reality is that Jasin is the head of vampire group with 3 other folks. And according to the prophecy, Jasin must choose an eternal companion before his 100th anniversary as a vampire, or he and the entire group will die. The group thinks that the girl Tara is th

You're Killing Me

This film was a interesting mix of thriller and comedy. Done well with some good production budget and actors this film could have done wonders. But with a simple story of one killing after the other, the proceeding start to become monotonous and after a while you lose complete interest. Joe is dating Adam for a week and when Adam insists that he will do anything to have sex with Joe, Joe's inner demons come out and he kills Adam while Adam was watching online videos of George & his friend. Next day he meets George at a parking lot and they are both smitten by each other. Joe talks honestly about killing his ex bf but George thinks thats sweet and that he has a good sense of humor. Even when most of his friends say that Joe is weird, he says Joe is gorgeous. Joe then goes on to kill his own parents when they dont behave nicely to George and eventually George's best girlfriend and her lover because he was flirting with George. All the while Joe is never joking and he ke

What's The Matter With Gerald

This film, according to me, fall in the "wtf is the film trying to say" category. There are scenes that go on forever, a wafer thin plot and a dragged uninteresting direction that doesn't hold any interest at all for the viewers. I am really amazed at the glaring reviews that this film has online. Gerald is a 30-something gay man, whose father pays for everything and who has never worked in his life. He lives with his partner of 10 years. Every morning he wakes up with some sort of pain and builds up all kinds of medical conditions in his mind. On the advice of a friend he consults an energy healer. a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking jeweler, and is shocked when the gemstones she sells him magically ease his pain. This unexpected stroke of luck prompts Gerald to reexamine his life in new and unexpected ways, taking him out of a well-established rut and leading him to wonder whether he can make the necessary changes to be more fulfilled. These include meeting a new neighbo

Naked Dragon

There are not many gay thrillers out there, so I was actually looking forward to seeing this film, but I felt very let down. They underplayed the thriller part and instead focused more on the gay relationship. Normally I wont complain about such a thing, but the whole culmination of the serial killer angle was so sudden and random, that its hard to digest. David Harris is a black cop with LAPD and is secretly gay. One day he is called in a murder scene where the body is mutiliated. The case is taken over by FBI because it apparently falls in a similar pattern of other murders that have happened in recent past. Enter Robert, a psychic, brought in by FBI to help them nab the killer. His psychic powers are actually psychology and behavioral analysis; and very soon he figures that David is gay and makes a move on him. They very soon start a secret relationship while one after the other more and more bodies start showing up. The victims are mostly gay asian men. Robert tells David that

Hoan Doi Thanh Xuan (Series) (Vietnamese) [Comet, I Love You]

Yet another one of those silly Asian BL drama. I want to like it and enjoy it and i can see why locals would enjoy it. It is kind of silly and funny in a weird sort of way. I am sure I would have enjoyed these series a lot when i was much younger, but at this stage, when good cinema and series are abundantly and easily available, its hard to dismiss and over the top series like this. A young teenage girl is the daughter of school headmaster. One night she dreams that a boy is stealing her boyfriend, who is the very handsome yet brat Duong Lam. Next day , a young boy from the village named Van Thanh is introduced to her classroom as a new student. He had already met Duong Lam earlier. When she reaches home, she finds out that he is her distant cousin and her being a queen bee and diva can't digest this. Moreover, for some reason Duong Lam takes a liking for Van Thanh. Circumstances keep throwing these two boys together and Duong plays with his heart but we find out only in the

Ce qu’on a (French/English) [What We Have]

I think this film is supposed to b a tragic film, but its never made amply clear on where the tragedy is stemming from and what really happened (both in the past and why the repercussions in the future). Our hero is not right in the head. He is fragile and we see glimpses of the reasons but its never made obvious to us. I do like movies where sometimes its left to audiences to interpret heir own version but in this case, I don't. think it worked as well as the makers hoped it would. Maurice has relocated from Paris to North Bay. He is running from his past, we don't know what exactly. He lands an acting gig in a french play. Maurice is a strange and quiet expat, refusing to socialize with his fellow actors at the small theatre company where he plays the role of a minister. He is fine having random hook-ups but just a mere thought of feelings scare him off. To pay for his basic needs he is looking to teach french and finds a student in Alan, a talented teenage struggling wi

Soul Maid

I normally despise these silly wanna be gay comedies because they are always done so bad. This film was no different in essence but something about the story I found a little interesting. IN fact I caught asking myself, why am I not hating this film. This, by no means, mean that I liked the film. I did not, but I think if a better screenwriter had done something with the story, this had some potential. Moses lives with his hag Ruth. He works as a underwear clad gay housecleaner being employed by horny gay men. He has been having seizures during which he has a religious "visitation" from the goddess Glintentica. Moses meets David, so called straight guy and they both fall in love. But this in unacceptable to Glintentica. She takes over Moses body and converts him to a straight man. Now Moses is on a mission to convert all gay men to straight. From google search, David figures out a way to get rid of Glintentica. Apparently the reason she is doing this is because she was c