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Both Ways

I didn't realize until very late that this 1975 film was actually a pornographic film. A film that mixed both gay and straight sex. It might sound exciting but it wasn't for me. Not one bit of it aroused me at all. Donald is a married man who picks up a young man Hank in a gay bar. The wife becomes suspicious after she sees his jacket in her husband's car. What started as a casual fling between the two men start getting serious and this is where things turn a bad note. Donald is struggling to lead both his lives. Meanwhile their housekeeper Pauline who likes to interrupt in everything tries to find out what's going on and maybe help her master but in turn nly ends up creating more trouble. Well Thats that with the story. The one-and-a-half hour film is loaded with sex scenes. Full on. Man-man, man-woman and even 2 couples straight orgy. It was so weird to watch this film because I thought I was in for watching a feature film and it ends up being a pornographic film. A

Les Petits Fils (French) [The Grand Sons]

Another big disappointment. SO far I have been decently impressed by the French gay cinema but this one was very odd. Firstly it seemed like someone took a home camera and started filming some random story with some amateurish artists. It was another one of those films where I realize that there is so much trash gay cinema out there. This is the story of Guillaume, 24 years old, who studies to be an opera singer. He tries to free himself from the love of two women: his mother, who just died, and his grandmother, who brought him up. The relationship between Guillaume and his granny is often stormy. Especially since Régine, the grand-mother, keeps on the balcony of her Parisian apartment an urn containing Guillaume's mother ashes, which goes against the dead woman's last wishes, who wanted them to be scattered in Scotland. A few other 'satellites' evolve around these two eccentric characters: Ben, a little boy who stays at Régine's from time to time, and who's fa

I Like You... I Like You Very Much (Japanese)

I think this is one of the first Japanese gay films that I saw and boy what a disappointment. This film was more of a soft porn rather than trying to either depict gay life in Japan or show a story or something. Yu has a good thing going with his boyfriend, college student, Shin. One evening, while waiting for the train, Yu spots Taka, a hunky young man in tight jeans. Gathering his courage, Yu approaches his new found attraction and whispers " I Like You, I Like You Very Much". This casual meeting sets off a series of events that allow each character to explore their changing sexuality. The film is laced with lot of sex scenes and personally none of them got my attention. They were done in a very weird way (neither aesthetic nor sexy). It was very difficult to watch through the whole movie despite the fact that movie was barely an hour long. Save yourself some time and please dont watch this. (0/10)

When I'm Sixty-Four (UK)

When I read the title and saw the cover, I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch this film as my first choice, but I am glad I did. This is definitely a very different film about male bonding specially around the age of 60's which make sit very different. You can fel for characters and realize and feel what they are going through. London taxi driver Ray is in his middle sixties and a widower. He has two grown-up children and grandchildren but grieves deeply still for his wife. One day, he is called out to a private school to collect newly-retired bachelor school master Jim who has spent his entire life in that school first as a student and then as a teacher. He now plans to travel the world. Coincidences keep Jim and Ray bumping into each other. Jim's plans for travel are upset when his elderly father falls ill. With Ray offering support for Jim their friendship grows. The two men spend more and more time together and there is a natural bond that develops between them both phys

The Mudge Boy

When the film started I wasn't sure what its going to turn out to be but slowly the film got my attention. Although the pace of the film is slow but its very important to show and reflect that a the pace of life of the people involved in the story. It also would be wrong to actually label this film a a gay film but I am sure there are people who would argue that because of some of the feministic characters depicted by our main character.  Duncan, a teenage young lad is left mourning after his mother's sudden death with his distant father Edgar. Unable to wholly cope with the loss of his mother, Duncan holds closely to her remnants - a chicken as a pet who his mother taught him could be calmed by putting the chicken's head in Duncan's mouth, an old fake fur coat he wears to bed, and some kitchen skills he learned at her side. Edgar is resentful that Duncan isn't more helpful on their small farm and is shaken by observing Duncan's means of mourning his mother. Dun

A Four Letter Word

This is one of those wannabe films where producer/director wants to fit in everything. Gay romance, cliches, nudity, issues, love, relationship, marriage, stereotypes everything. There is something for everyone. The end product can vary for different films. In this case the film turns out to be ok. It keeps your attention and interest but thats it. It doesn't manage to hold it. But at the same time it doesn't bore you either.  The story is about 6 people with primary focus on Luke. Zeke and Luke work in a sex shop: Zeke takes gay liberation seriously, Luke likes to sparkle and takes nothing seriously. he is out there every night mating a new man. Peter and Derek are a couple who move in together after 10 months. Peter's compulsive neat freak nature and Derek's nice to everyone issue tests their relationship. Newly-engaged Marilyn, a recovering alcoholic stuck at step 2, can't stop obsessing about wedding details. She works with Peter at a restaurant. Lastly enter S

Be Mine

A nice cute film but a little unbelievable. But then who says all gay films have to slice of life stories. When otherwise w can have escapist cinema, we can also have some make belief romantic gay cinema as well.  Mayson (very cute) has been patiently waiting and dreaming of that ever elusive sweet and perfect first kiss. His best friend Robyn thinks it's about time he kissed a boy. he loves chocolate scones in the coffee shop. His love for that brings him to an unexpected encounter with Riley who takes the last remaining scone in the shop. Mayson has instant crush on Riley but is very shy to even trying to talk to him. The same night Mayson's close buddy Eric is having a Valentine's Day party at his house because his buddy broke up with his girlfriend. In the party it turns out that Riley is that friend. One event leads to other and Riley and Mayson start getting to know each other at the party. Mayson being a die hard romantic does not believe in flings and Riley is stru

End Of Love (Cantonese - HK/China)

This is one of those movies where it is a little hard to decide whether I liked the movie or not. There were parts which were good but then again there were sections which were totally avoidable and had nothing to do with the film. Ming is a young boy who works in a sales store. Soon he meets Yan and an affair starts between them. When Ming's mother confronts him of his sexuality, he leaves home and rents an aptt with someone. He also loses his job. His roommate takes him to parties where once an older man makes him an offer for sex for money. Since he is short for money he accepts it. Slowly he gets deeper into the world of prostitution and drugs. Ming is leading this double life and Yan finds about it only when he is hospitalized once. Following a police raid Ming is sent to a rehabilitation center where he meets Kueng. He has been there a while and helps Ming live through the rehabilitation period. When Keung is leaving the center he invites Ming to visit him. Keung has no idea

Mr. Right (UK)

The primary concept of this movie is that a woman introduces her boyfriend to her gay friends and that makes him gay--is just sketched at. Essentially, we're observing her friends and their friends and their various respective lovers as they interact. It goes through 6 different people, their lives and interactions. Harry hates being a TV producer and dreams of leaving his job to travel the world. He loves Alex, an aspiring actor who is struggling to create an identity for himself as a performer. Alex lives with Harry who takes care of him. He is yet to find out that he sucks at acting but he is a very very good cook. Rugby player William's nine-year-old daughter is intent on sabotaging his relationships with new boyfriends. She thinks when a new man enters her dad's life, her importance will reduce. This prevents William to let Lawrence get into his life. Lawrence is a famous TV soap star whom Alex hates. Harry and William are friends. Their 3rd friend is Tom, a not so go