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Looking: Season 1 (TV series)

The whole concept of gay series is indeed picking up. It all started with web series and it is very surprising and refreshing to see a big production company like HBO taking up the task of bringing a gay series on HBO. Sure, some would say that what's the big deal but whatever you say, I think it is pretty brave. The show has only aired 8 episodes in Season 1 but I completely enjoyed it. THe show basically focusses on lives of 3 friends in San Francisco. Friendship binds them but each of them is at a different point in their journey. Patrick, works as a video game designer and wants ti get back into the dating scene after breaking up with his ex. Agustine is an aspiring artist. After he moves in with his boyfriend, he starts questioning his career and the whole idea of monogamy. And finally we have Dom, the oldest member and a longtime waiter. His romantic and professional dreams are still unfulfilled. Other characters are also introduced. Patrick meets Richie, a hair dresses,

Solo (Spanish) [Alone]

This film so much reminded of this hindi film "Kaun" that I had seen years back. It depends on your perspective of whether the 2 movies are in any way similar to each other or are poles apart but if you are a reader who also happened to have seen the film, then you would know what similarities I am talking about in the basic plot line. "You never know who are inviting home. Also you never know, whose home you are going to." Manuel is a very handsome 27 year old furniture designer. One night bored alone at his home, he meets Julio on a chat room and next thing you know is that Manuel invites him home. The sexual sparks are ignited at once and they both stet sharing stories from their past. It is their collective problems with intimacy, trust and the fear of being hurt that make them hesitant to commit fully. Manuel tells the story of his ex-boyfriend, whom he was totally in love with and who ended up picking another young guy over him, thereby destroying his tru

Date And Switch

This film falls under the category of rom-com with a gay twist. The film was overall wuite decent and I saw it with 2 new friends of mine but there were a few moments in the film, which left me questioning on why certain things were happening the way they were. The film is about two high school buddies that cope with the knowledge that one of them is gay. The subject certainly isn't dated, but the film somehow fails to continuously entertain the audience. More on that later. Michael and Matty have been best friends forever. In their high school, they make a pact that they will get laid at prom. All's well until Matty reveals that he is gay. The film now focusses more on Michael's gay panic rather than Matty's struggle for the same. Michael tries to be supportive by forcing Matty to go to a gay bar and even dancing naked in bubble soap with him. He tries to google "gay" to find more details leading to a hilarious scene between him and his father. Matty mea