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Three of Hearts

Ok, so this is not a gay film. Its about lesbian lovers but you would not want to categorize this movie under that genre as well. It can as well be termed as a romantic movie with lesbianism involved. Not that watching lesbians making love is my idea but what the heck, a film is a film is a film. The film starts with Connie and Ellen, a lesbian couple breaking up. Ellen wants to move out because she needs to think and sort out things in her mind. You can instantly make out that she is confused about her bi-sexuality. Joe is a male escort whom Connie hires to meet her family at her sister's wedding since she had promised them that she will have her fiance meeting them (hoping to go with Ellen). Joe and Ellen end up becoming friends after that and come up with the idea of maybe Joe making Ellen fall in love with him, break her heart and so Ellen will come back to Connie. Meanwhile, an acquaintance has gotten out of prison and seeks to put a hurt Joe, blaming him for his prison senten

East Side Story

After a long time , I again saw a funny romantic gay movie that I liked. These are the kind of movies which I prefer watching any time. They make you laugh, feel emotional with the characters and stir that romantic feeling inside you. Diego is a Latin guy living with his grandma in east LA. He helps his grandma run the Mexican restaurant that she owns. Diego dreams of getting out of LA someday and opening up his own restaurant. He is seeing this closet real estate agent Pablo for over a year. Diego wants to take this relationship further by living in but Pablo is too freaked out to accept reality. They break up. Meanwhile Diego's aunt Bianca comes in the picture and starts having an affair with Pablo. Oh! did I mention that she is the funniest character in the movie. Meanwhile, a new gay couple movies in the neighborhood and people find out that Diego is gay too. This starts affecting the restaurant business. The gay couple Wesley and Jonathan have a troubled relationship which is

A Very Natural Thing

From the looks etc of the film, it would not be wrong to say that this movie must have been among the first ones to come out depicting gay life style and culture and gay sexual liberation. The movie is set in 70's and it is very interesting to see the way people dressed, cars they drove, their lifestyle and many more things. David is a teacher who was an ex-monk. He meets a hot guy Mark in a club one night and they hook up. They start going out and have a good time. David is this guy who has all these romantic notions about all relationships while Mark is the guy who just wants to live in moment and enjoy all these moments with David. Its evident they both like each other and enjoy each other a lot. Soon David moves in with Mark. Things are all fine until slowly the differences with respect to expectations from the relationship stat to come in. Mark is younger and is somehow prone to commitment. He wants to explore other sexual encounters. David tries to keep with Mark because he l

Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma (Canada - French/English)

There are 2 important words in the film title 'amnesia' and 'enigma' and so rightly because while watching the movie, a viewer is in state of confusion between facts and fiction, the imitation of real life story to on screen story. Inspired by a true incident, this film adds on more substance and build s a fine film around it. One morning a young nude lad is found in a deserted lot in Montreal. He is taken to the hospital by the cops where they find that he is total amnesiac and doesn't remember anything about his previous life except the fact that he is gay and believes that his name is James Brighton. He builds a very close bond with the lady doctor treating him. They together with the help of gay hotline try and search for his identity but with no luck. He starts living with a gay guy trying to be normal but of course frustrated with the fact that he cannot remember anything. The viewer is left confused as to whether James is really amnesiac or hiding something.

Prom Queen : The Mark Hall Story (Canada)

My second time watching this movie and I must admit that it was equally exciting to watch it again. This one apparently is based on a true story that happened in Canada. If thats true then I have to really salute Mark Hall for all his courage. In a fictional small town live Mark Hall, a happy go lucky teenage kid who is popular in school and who has managed to avoid the typical harassment a gay kid in a small town would expect to face. It's the time for school prom and he wants to being his boyfriend with him, but the catholic school dismisses it saying it is against catholic and religious rules. He has best friend like Carly who supports him throughout and even says that she wont attend prom if he cannot . Carly's boyfriend is in with her to support and does his best what he can for Mark. At this stage Mark decided to come out to his family who surprisingly he finds out have always known. Hence start the fight against the school officials to allow Mark to attend the prom. The

An Angel Named Billy

This is one of those movies which are dragged for no reasons. Some of the characters are stretched for no reasons. Like the whole introduction of Billy and his dad was not required. Anyways, its a simple story otherwise. Billy has an alcoholic father. One day he sees Billy kissing his friend and he throws him out of home since he is gay. Billy lands up in LA. There he meets Guy working in a cafe who helps him for a couple of days and becomes his friend. Billy find an ad for a job where James is looking for a help for his dad Mark kAnderson, a recent victim of stroke. Since James is usually busy with his assignments, he wants someone to take care of his dad. Mark is straight but his best friend is your over the top drag queen Thomas. James is gay too and has a troubled relationship with his ex since his ex was a drug addict. He is lonely and looking for love. Billy starts working and charms everyone with his hard work and dedication. James start falling for him and they become lovers.

The Dying Gaul

Oh what a movie! Even though the climax of the movie left me a little confused, I still cannot deny the fact that it was a brilliantly made film. The casting, the acting, the story, the filming; everything was almost perfect. Robert is a screenplay writer whose script "The Dying Gaul" is being appreciated by a few studious. At one such meeting he meets Jeffery from a big production house who wants to buy his script. The script has been inspired by Robert's boyfriend who died of Aids. Jeffery and others love the script but he can buy the script only if Robert changes the gay guy to be a woman because as per him Americans "hate gays". Robert refuses initially but later gives in when Jeffery proposes one million dollar for the script with the changes. Robert after hesitation gives in because he plans to invest that money for his son (from the days he was married). Robert now starts visiting Jeffrey house where he meets Elaine, Jeffery wife and mother of 2 kids. Th

Più bel giorno della mia vita (Italian) [The Best Day of My Life]

A nice movie after seeing a couple of bad movies. My faith was restored in gay cinema. This movie reminded me so much of another movie that I had seen which showed the problems of all individual family members when they meet at a family reunion. This movie has good acting, nothing over the top, no right or wrong about love. It just had different individual's perspectives. Irene, a grandmother lives by herself in her house. She has two daughters, Rita and Sara and a son, Claudio. Sara's husband passed away after 2 years of marriage and she can now not trust any other man. She always worries for her son. Rita, who has two daughters, is living the end of her marriage and is in love with a veterinary surgeon. Claudio is a gay and his mom doesn't know it. He has a lover Luca who lives with him but still he cannot tell his mom. Rita and Sara know about this though. The family meets every occasionally for lunch.The movie is shown through the eyes of Rita's daughter who is soo

Just Can't Get Enough

Let me clarify. This is NOT a gay themed movie. I saw it because I was under the impression that it is but thats not true. I am still going to review it just for giggles. Steve Bannerjee is just another club owner until he stumbles into the idea of male strippers playing to a women-only audience. His cash register is flowing specially after the choreographer Nick joins them and the shows are more organized than random. Chad is just another worker in the club who does not like the idea of dancing but he is ready to do anything apart from that. But when it comes to manipulations, Bannerjee proves Nick's equal and then some: the sex, drugs, and rock and roll atmosphere of the club quickly gives way to a headlong rush into murder, and the ride is straight down all the way. The movie was full of flesh display of both men and women. Chad was soooooooo hot. But thats all there was to this movie. Not worth my time. (2/10)

Chun gwong cha sit (Hong Kong/Argentina-Mandarin) [Happy Together]

I had read a lot of positive reviews about the film and hence my expectations were quite high from the movie but sadly I have to say that I was disappointed. Not by the content but by the presentation aspect of the story. It had a nice and engrossing story idea but had it been handled more maturely, I would have personally liked it more. Yiu-Fai and Po-Wing arrive in Argentina from Hong Kong and take to the road for a holiday. Their relationship is always under stress because Po-Wing keep disappearing and resurfacing again. Fai is more stable. They drift apart while they are on road but end up being in Argentina. Fai starts working first as a doorman to a local bar and then in a restaurant. As shown earlier he is more stable of the two. On the other hand all Po-Wing does is hustling. ONe day Po-Wing gets beaten up and he shows up at Fai's door steps. Fai starts taking care of him but something keeps him away from getting close physically with him again. Fai says that the best time

Outing Riley [If Dad Only Knew]

One of my close friends recommended the movie to me. He knew my taste and was sure I will like it. And yes! I did like it. Its the kind of movies I prefer to see. Comic, drama, emotions, family etc. It was nice... very nice. Bobby Riley is one of the four brothers and 1 sister Maggie in a Irish catholic family. Except his sister no one knows that he is gay. After their father's death, Maggie wants Bobby to come out to his other brothers Jack (priest), Connor (obsessed with Internet porn) and Luke (the prankster). Bobby though he lives with his boyfriend Andy, still doesn't have the nerve to tell his brothers even though he tries hard to come out to them on a weekend getaway. One evening Maggie throws the bomb out in open by showing everyone Bobby's and Andy's pictures and telling everyone that he is gay.From here starts the tribulations that Bobby, Andy, his brothers and Maggie go through and they eventually accept Bobby and Andy. Bobby's dilemma functions on both c

In & Out

Funny! Funny! Funny! This movie was so much fun. I had a hard time controlling not to laugh at various occasions while watching this movie. The film gets into the mood right away and bears front the plot which is simple but hilarious, specially with the way things are handled in the movie. A high school teacher Howard is about to get married to his fiance of 3 years, Emily. Everything changes in one night when a former high school student of his, named Cameron Drake, now a famous actor, makes an acceptance speech after receiving an Academy Award for his portrayal of a homosexual army soldier and 'outs' Howard Brackett as his inspiration for his role. Here begins the whole media circus where suddenly everyone in media is interested in finding out if what was said is true or not. Howard desperately tries keep his life from falling apart by protesting that he is not gay and that the whole thing with Cameron's speech is a simple misunderstanding. Everyone except one of the TV r

Glue (Argentina-spanish)

This Argentinean film was a BIG disappointment. The director tried to portray the boredom in life of a 16 year old boy Lucas from a dysfunctional family living in the middle of nowhere. It also delves a little bit into his sexual experiments with his friends, the hunky Nacho and the mousey Andrea. Lucas' parents' relationship is pretty unstable, but he doesn't want to be confronted with it. So he decides to spend his time hanging out with his friends, just talking about life and experimenting with drugs and sex. He wonders about his physical development, compares himself to his buddy, and begins to explore his sexuality. Not much happens in this dull observation of teen behavior in a small town in the boonies of Argentina. The events are mundane. The characters uninteresting. The overall quality is not much better than the home-video your friend did about distant relatives. The only good scene that I enjoyed was when Lucas plays with the monkey with banana. And the intimate

Buah, Ha (Israel-Hebrew/Arabic) [The Bubble]

My first experience with Israeli cinema and I must say I was pretty impressed. The movie part in Hebrew and part in Arabic shows what the people have to go through because of war and extreme political situations. The movie starts with a scene from a checkpoint on the Israeli-Palestinian border. This confuses the viewer as to what kind of movie is this. But very soon the whole plot is established. Naom, one of the guys from the checkpoint lives in Tel Aviv with a girl Lulu and a gay roommate Yelli. Lulu is in search of the perfect guy who does not want just sex but wants much more to life. Yelli works in a cafe and is shown as a fun loving guy. The story begins when Ashraf , a guy from the border while Naom was working shows up at his door. He lost his id and had found Naom's id. There is instant spark and the 2 guys ended up sleeping together. Their love slowly starts to grow even though knowing that because of Ashraf being Arab and Naom being a JEw , there is absolutely no future

Sheng xia guang nian (Taiwan-Mandarin) [Eternal Summer]

The tagline of the film is very apt "No One Wishes To Be Lonely, Neither Do We.". Its so story not just in the context of the movie but even otherwise for every individual. Jonathan and Shane are best friends from school. They were forced in school to pair with each other but eventually turn out to be best friends who hang out with each other always. Jonathan meets this girl Carrie and they date for a while until one day he chickens out when they try to go physical. He realizes that he has hidden feelings for someone else. and that some one else is his friend Shane. Jonathan tells Carrie about it and she understands but there is air of discomfort between the two. Oblivious to all this, Shane starts falling for Carrie but there is a conflict of interest with his friendship with Jonathan. Seeing this Jonathan realizes that probably he cannot remain friends with Shane for his and Carrie's best interest. Shane has always seen Jonathan as his best friend and is very scared to

Defying Gravity

This is the kind of film that I personally prefer on most of the movies. Its difficult to put this movie in one particular genre. If I had to say, I would put it as coming out/romantic movie which is totally my cup of tea. The movie per me is almost there where I cannot find a fault with it. Right from the story telling, to the characters portrayed, acting, friendship between the 2 boys, love and affection, acceptance by parents and community; it has just about everything with the right sentiment and right emotion. I have seen the movie twice already.:) The story is about 3 friends Griff, Todd and Pete. Griff and Pete have certain sexual encounters without Todd knowing about it. Griff just wants to enjoy and live with the moment whereas Pete is falling in love and wants something more meaningful which obviously Griff is opposed to. Things take a dramatic turn when Pete is seriously injured and hospitalized after he is gay bashed. Griff stars questioning himself, obviously having these

Breaking the Surface : The Greg Louganis Story

Its hard to classify this movie as strictly under gay genre. Or maybe its not. Because our primary character is gay and it does show the real hardships faced by him in his life. Based on the diving champion Greg Louganis on his book, the movie takes us deep inside how Greg's childhood was, how was his relationships with other people, how he became the great Olympic champion that he was and much more. Greg Louganis is adopted child in his family. His father is not particularly fond of him as a kid but his mother does notice that he is passionate about diving. WIth proper coaching and mentoring, they make sure he gets to do what he likes. Greg's mother is always shown close to him and his father always being that angry man who is not too fond of him because he is not good at reading. Down the line Greg starts living in with a guy Keith and after living together for a while, Keith moves out because he is not comfortable with the fact that Greg would not accept that he is gay in pu

The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me

This film experience was a very different one. Whether it was god or bad, we will decide a little later. The movie is different in the sense that it is a one man show throughout the movie which is more like a theatrical event converted movie for audience. One man talks about his experiences through various phases in life starting from when he was 6 to when he is in his mid 40s. It includes experiences going to the gym, clubs, gay bashing, secret dreams etc. Personally there was nothing for me in the movie. It started ok. I was a little interested initially because I had never seen any such thing earlier. In the initial portions I tried hard to understand and was getting into it. In fact the scene where he acts as he is visiting the gym was hilarious. I laughed a lot in that but after that it just kept going boring. The movie doesn't awaken you or make you curious and sit back and think because most of the issues are known to everyone. You just feel that this one man is very self in

Mil Nubes de Paz (Mexico-spanish) [A Thousand Clouds of Peace]

Gosh!! Was this movie slow or what! In a movie of about 80 plus minutes, the time where there were dialogues was maybe about 20-25 minutes max.There were just scenes and emotions just shown were extended period of time in individual screens. Not that I mind them but then there has to be a limit. I tried to bear with all this for first half an hour but after that I was like, this movie is just not going anywhere. From a story point of view,Gerardo has just finished his relationship with his boyfriend. Then all they show is him wandering around the streets of the city and being tortured by images from his past about which he can do nothing. He just wants to keep whatever he can of his dying love. Like I mentioned earlier, the plot has no relation to the lines the characters were speaking, acting was poor and it was a very aimless movie trying to go nowhere. None of the things in the film really connect to each other. The guy in the movie is as confused as probably the director was. Just

Creatures From the Pink Lagoon

Yet another gay movie where they show a couple of friends spending a weekend at a getaway place for some reason or naother.The difference in this movie being is that there is some thrill element involved. Thats a different story altogether that the thrill was more like funny for me and by the end of the movie, I wasn't sure whether the movie was supposed to be comedy, scary, thrill or wanting to give you a message. Near a chemical factory, there are 2 exits. One goes to the pink lagoon and other goes to a rest stop where men cruise for anonymous sex. It is rumored that some virus is near by the rest stop which makes you eat human flesh which is later discovered to be eating just gay flesh. Essentially they are gay zombies. At the same time, in one of the homes in pink lagoon, a group of friend are meeting to celebrate Philip's birthday (who is way too sissy). It includes Satn, the home owner, his impulsive hunky boyfriend Billy, his shy nerdy cousin Joseph and 2 others. They ar

Blue Citrus Hearts

This was a hands down bad bad film. Poor production, awful actors, terrible sound, very poor picture qulaity. Frankly I failed to understand the whole point behind the movie. Like someone mentioned "Think of all the horrible poetry you read in junior high, and turn it into a 91 min film. This movie was horrid". I finished the entire movie in like 20 minutes. I just had no patience to see the film as it was going nowhere. A few minutes of my life wasted !! The story is of Sam, a young, dorky high school student in Memphis who writes his thoughts in a notebook and finds his homelife and his relationship with classmate Ariel spiraling out of control. The one good thing in his life is his new friends hip with Julian, a long-haired, pimply-faced, fey classmate who begins to spend a lot of time with Sam. I don't care how many festivals this movie has gone into and how many people liked it. This on was just not my cup of tea. (1/10)

Two Brothers and Two Others (Canada)

I was a little skeptical when I realized that was a black and white film. Plus when it started, it was hazy, grainy and with bad lighting but I still wanted to see it having read all good reviews about the movie. And I think the 60 minutes were well worth spent. Considering that the movie was made on a shoe string budget, the movie eventually turned out to be good. After their mother's death, Chad invites over his gay brother Riley to live with him and his girlfriend Tobie. Tobie and Riley instantly hit off very well with each other and she becomes his fag hag. Chad is shown to have some troubles when it comes to talking about his parents which is later shown was because of bad childhood experience. Because of this there is a certain stress between the 2 brothers but they still try to lead a good life. Riley meets Gavin at a bar and they start dating and son become lovers. But Gavin has hidden the fact from Riley that he is positive. Wen Riley comes to know this he feels cheated be

200 American

What happened last night was the reason I started this blog. 2 minutes in the movie and I was like, I think I might have seen this movie before and yes it was true. Well but at least now I can put a review unlike last time and help myself avoid the confusion again. On the onset, a good thing about the movie was that it wasn't targeted at sex. It was a genuine story of men falling in love and showcasing a chapter of every gay man's life. Conrad, a gay man , owner of an ad agency lives in NY and is a control freak by nature. This is the reason that leads to his breakup with his partner Martin. To get over him, he hires an Aussie hustler Tyler. After spending night with him, realized that Tyler is a nice guy who wants to become a photographer. He wants to help him and offers him a job in his company on the same amount that he makes doing hustling. Conrad still wants to make things work with Martin. Meanwhile Tyler whose real name is Ian (Tyler was his hustler name) is being approa

Smukke Dreng (Denmark-danish) [Pretty Boy]

'Smukke dreng' ('Pretty Boy') is a film about a 13 year old runaway boy Nick. Rather than living with his mother who has a very active sex life, he decided to run away to live on his own. On his first night he encounters a gang of young men abusing an older guy. After that he gets the old man's name and address and shows up at Ralph's place. Sharing a common interest for stars, they live together for a while till Ralph's wife shows up and he has to move out. The film doesn't show any sexual activity between these 2 guys Nick then starts working for an older guy Max who buys all the stolen stuff that the gang of young men steal and snatch. One time, Max refuses to budge to unacceptable demands of the gang and it results in his arrest for buying stolen goods after the gang reports about it. After this Nick has nowhere to go so he ends up with the gang of young boys. The gang is led by a girl named Rene who poses as a boy.Rene and Nick discover each other s

Love and Death on Long Island (UK/Canada)

First of all I should make one thing clear. This is not a gay themed movie. There are just hints of the lead character idolizing a screen actor but thats about it. This does not qualify this movie to be a gay based movie. Nothing against the movie, but when I wanna see a gay themed movie, I expect something more and not just whats shown in the movie. Giles, a Brit writer and a widower does not like anything modern including television. One night he accidentally get locked out and ends up watching a movie. He mistakenly goes to the wrong screen and is about to leave the crap teen flick till he sees this young actor Ronnie Bostock who immediately strikes his fantasy. From here starts the journey of Giles love and almost obsession towards Ronnie that makes him watch all his movies and travel to Long Island near New York. He plans all his moves and ends up meeting the actor through his girlfriend and befriends them pretending to be his biggest fan who has seen all his movies. Things are fi

Testosterone (Argentina/US)

Testosterone is the story of love and betrayal. Primary portion of the movie is shot in Argentina and shows a lot of cute sexy men. Dean and Pablo meet just for a hook up and end up living together for 9 months very much in love, until one night Pablo goes t buy cigarettes and never returns back. Dean travels to Argentina to track Pablo down and find answers to his questions. In the process he meets Sofia, working in a coffee shop across Pablo's home. She advices Dean to stay away an do not look for Pablo. In the process Dean meets Marcus, Sofia's brother. They get attracted but Dean finds out that Marcus is Pablo's ex and Marcus keeps saying that Dean was just time pass for Pablo. So Dean asks Marcus to take him to Pablo. Marcus is still very much in love with Pablo and hence he wants to kill Dean. But he is unable to do so. They make love and finally Marcus kills himself. Dean figures something is wrong and looks for Pablo and now wants to kill him. Sofia agrees to help b

Issues 101

After reading not so positive reviews about this film online, I Wasn't particularly excited about watching this film but it turned out to be a decent flick. Even though the movie had very low production values, gave the impression of having been made off a camcorder, it still was decent enough and made a point about frat life in US in college. Joe is a college freshman who mistakes a initiation from a frat brother as hitting on him. BUt after things are clarified, the eventually joins the fraternity. Christian is assigned as his frat "elder brother". Things are fine until one night when Joe and Christian end up having sex while Christian is drunk. Christian keeps telling Joe that he is straight and did that because he was drunk. Ultimately later he accepts that he is straight but he has issues which he need to work on. A twisted lover triangle forms when the confused Christian turns a romantic weekend getaway with his girlfriend Kim into a double-date; inviting along his


Why? Why? Why? Why did the director ever make this movie. Just about everything in this movie was bad. Poor performances, awful sets which look so fake, no storyline, poor cinematography. The saving grace in such films is usually good physical sex scenes but even that was not there in this movie. After a long time I had to fast forward and see a movie just because it was so damn boring. French sailor Querelle arrives in Brest and starts frequenting a strange whorehouse. He discovers that his brother Robert is the lover of the lady owner, Lysiane. Here, you can play dice with Nono, Lysiane's husband : if you win, you are allowed to make love with Lysiane, if you lose, you have to make love with Nono... Querelle loses on purpose. Sound interesting but believe me it was not. It was a bad bad film. Except for the lead main character, all the other men were so un attractive. The movie is supposedly based on some book. I wonder what kind of book was that. The acting is completely theatri

The Fruit Machine (UK)

What was this movie? A thriller, ode to friendship, love or about love for dolphins? I am still asking this question to myself. I mean its ok when people throw in multiple themes to a film but they are somehow inter-related but here the thriller and dolphins have nothing to do with each other. Eddie lives with his family and shares passion for romantic sagas like his mom. His father hates him for being sissy and acting like girls. He wants Eddie to be more manly. Eddie is best mate with Michael, a street lad. Both of them care a lot for each other, are just 16 and true friends. One day Eddie's father hits him and then on Michael's initiation, they both leave the town. Michael says he will take care of Eddie. Here begins their journey. They go to a transsexual bar called Fruit Machine. Both of them witness a murder of the owner and manage to escape. The murderer sees them too. ON their run, they meet a singer Vincent in a party which they are just gate crashing whom Eddie is big

Coffe Date

Ever since I read the synopsis of this movie in last year's gay film festival, I have been wanting to see this movie. After having waited so long for the DVD to release and watching it, do I feel it was worth it? Oh my God!! It was hilarious and amazing. Just about perfect movie (at least for me). Now this is the kind of movie that makes me just laugh my guts out and also feel romantic at the same time. Todd has been setup by his brother Barry for a man to man date with Kelly without Todd knowing the fact that Kelly is a guy and is gay. Todd who is straight shows up for the coffee date and after a while realizes what has happened. But by then both Kelly and Todd realize that they share same passion for movies and eventually end up becoming good friends. Just to freak out Barry, Todd brings Kelly home after the date and takes him to his bedroom. Barry completely freaks out and leaves Todd's place. Later Barry informs Todd that their mother is coming over because Barry told her a

Love! Valour! Compassion!

This is a film that I enjoyed watching. A simple film which shows 8 gay men and them spending 3 different weekends with each other in one year and the events that happen in their life. There are stories that go around revolving around these men which touch your heart, make you cry, bring a smile, entertain you and then at the same time also make you think that any of these characters could be you. Gregory lives in his old 19th century house in uptown NY with his blind partner Bobby. He invites over his friends for memorial day weekend. The story then later takes you to July 4th and then labor day weekend. Among the friends are Art and Perry who have been together for 14 years and are celebrating their anniversary; John, a Briton who loathes his twin brother James; Ramon, John's "companion," (who by the way was so handsome and attractive Latino) who is physically attracted to Bobby and immediately tries to seduce the blind man; James, a cheerful soul who is in the advanced

Longtime Companion

This film I believe is one of the earliest films to throw a light on what actually happened when the HIV virus was discovered and how the whole gay community reacted to it. The film revolves around a group of friends who are shown related to one another in one way or other. It shows what's the affect of the virus on the lives of these people as it devastates the lives of our characters. As the film progresses, we are introduced to a group of gay friends and their mates, who spend much time together in vacationing on Fire Island, the gay resort, and in the hospital visiting each other when stricken with the unknown disease that has become a plague amongst us today. It is difficult to tell the plot as one specific story because there are many characters inter-woven but again, this has to be the arguably best movie which truly depicts gay life in 80s and the fact that how people reacted to it. Plus the fact that there can be true friendship even within gay community was very heartwarm

Love and Other Disasters (UK)

Now this is the kind of movie that I personally prefer. Romantic comedy with gay based theme, its just perfect. Emily called Jacks by her friend works at a fashion magazine. She is roommates with Peter (who I must say is very cute) who happens to be gay. She tries to hook up Peter to few people and wants him to be happy. Jacks herself is seeing James but she is not very serious about him, James wants to be serous but she is just hanging around. One day an Argentinean guy named Paolo comes into her office. She thinks he is guy and tries to hook him up with Peter but Paolo tells Peter the truth but asks him not to tell Jacks. Jacks start liking Paolo but she still thinks he is gay. Eventually everyone realizes he is straight. Meanwhile Peter has this crush on some guy but after a long time when he meets this guy David, its not what he expected to be. Thats when Jacks tries to tell him that sometimes u have to give other people also a chance without expecting anything back in return. Life


I was very confused by the title itself but the lighting outsde a motel makes it clear that they mean FAGs and not FAQs. Story starts with a runaway from Colorado, India, who comes to Hollywood where he can be the gay person he wants to be. He starts making money as a porn star but gets dodged when it comes to money. On his way back , he is ambushed by two gay bashers and is saved by Destiny, a flamboyant drag queen. Destiny earns India's respect and he gets invited to live with Destiny in her small apartment, a place she shares with other gay people in need. Lesbian Girl Lester is one of them.Destiny sets down rules of the house: no drugs, be careful of straights, spend two hours a day naked in respect for your body, always use condoms, etc. Soon India meets Spencer. another homeless guy whom he gets attracted to and he also starts living with Destiny. Spencer and India soon fall in love. India and Spencer decide to find the gay bashers from whom Destiny took their jacket. The jac

Los Jornaleros (english n spanish) [Day Laborers]

Now this movie was something that turned out to be not as bad as I expected after I read its reviews online.I could totally see what these guys were going through. How much pains and what all a person has to go through to survive in a foreign country. In strict terms , this wasn't a gay movie except that one of the lead characters turn out to be gay. But I must say that even that portion is handled very sensitively. 3 cousins Tura, Pilo and Quique don't like it anymore in Mexico. They want to earn money so they decide to move up north to LA. heir Uncle Giberto lives in LA and they hope that uncle will be bale to help them out. To start an earning, they become day laborers and start working on daily wages. Then the movie just focuses on how these 3 brothers survive their daily ordeal, their dreams, their family. Tura meets a girl Maria on one such day. The 4 men realize that the girl has nowhere to go and so she also starts living with them and consequently falling on love with

Get A Life

Don't even get swayed by the tagline "I want a straight lover who is gay just for me". 5 minutes into the movie and I was wondering what the heck is this movie. I am still asked to even tell someone that what a crappy movie I saw. What I fail to understand is that what was the intention behind making such a movie and then to top it, mislead people by putting in taglines which will make people flock to rent DVD and watch it. I want to tell the story but there is not even a story in the movie. Jamie meets a curious bisexual at a sleazy book store where both of them are frequent visitors. The store gets raided once and Jamie ends up being with an old man Hal. The two who used to hate each other (Hal used to steal all Jamie's hot tricks in the bookstore) become the closest of friends and decide that there is an alternative to gay life. Ultimately its just shown how Jamie keeps experimenting and looking for that ideal guy in his life whom he ultimately finds out to be as o

Butch Camp

This has to be one of the most funniest movies in the recent times that I have seen. And the humor is all very subtle. Its hidden in the performances of the lead characters, the way they speak, the language they use and their body mannerism. As the title suggests this movie is about a closeted young gay man Matt who is fed up with being pushed around and signs up for "Butch Camp", a macho-training boot camp run by a very butch lesbian. But there is more to this story. Matt working in a bank is a closet gay who is no very butch and is fed up. He is also lonely and scared of loving. He doesn't accept what he wants with his life and just drags on. As a part of one of the exercises of the BUtch Camp, he goes to a starlight bar and meets a Janet who finds him sexually very attractive. He meets her then boyfriend Rod too through her. They hang out a couple of times and the fun begins of how Janet is after Matt and how at some point Rod thinks he is attracted to Matt. Matt can

Third Man Out

This is the first gay themed movie in crime/thriller genre that I saw and I must admit that I was very impressed with the movie in its entirety. This movie too like most of the gay based movies talk about just gay issues but this one handled the whole situation in a very gripping n interesting way. Oh and how can I forget to mention that our man Donald Strachey was sooooooooooo hot n cute. I just kept looking at him. Plus he acted well. This is a detective story set in Albany, New York with a number of twists and turns. Detective Strachey is a gay man, well adjusted, living with his wholesome and tender partner Timmy who works for a senator. The action involves a gay activist John Rutka, with a penchant for outing political figures who are either closet cases or who don't have anything positive to say or do for the gay community. Rutka lives with a healthy life partner Eddie, and the two seem targeted for death by apparent candidates for Rutka's next outing computer magazine.

Kiss Me, Guido

Warren, a small time actor has an extra room in his apartment after his lover moves out. He is also five months behind his rent. His friend Terry goes ahead and puts an ad in newspaper saying GWM needs a room mate etc etc. In comes Franky, a 'straight as you can get' Italian pizza baker who just has been cheated by his girlfriend with his brother. Franky decided to move out of his parent's place and sees that ad. He wrongly thinks that GWM stands for Guy With Money and goes to meet Warren. Around the same time Warren's ex comes back asking Warren to play a role in his drama. Warren asks Franky to act his new boyfriend so that he can make his ex jealous. Giving into circumstances that Franky doesn't have a place to live and not much money too, he gives in and helps out Warren. On the final day Warren hurts his leg and Franky who is an aspiring actor after much coaxing agrees to do the play This play situation is quite funny in the movie. Ultimately the movie just end