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Most of you know that the title of the movie stands for "Gay Best Friend". As per this film, GBF is the trendiest accessory for the girls to have, specially at a upscale suburban high school. Like most of the teenage comedies, this one also tries too hard to bring laughs, but it seems mostly cartoonish with a little sweetness here or there in parts. I can imagine most gays not liking the film unless you are very trendy teenager still in the ams phase of your life as the movie shows. In the North Gateway high school, Brent and Tanner are best friends and both gay and they are both looking for a right opportunity to come out. Tanner is the sober natural one while Brent is the stereotypical flaming queen. They have 2 other straight friends who know about them but are very much part of the group. Caprice, Shley and Fawcett are the school divas who are popular and will probably be at loggerheads at the school prom queen contest. They are all looking for a personal edge for th

The Perfect Wedding

This was an interesting yet entertaining film. My first thought after reading the title and the fact that it was a gay story, made me think that it had to be about a gay wedding. I was happy and pleasantly surprised that the film was essentially about a gay love story wrapped around planning and execution of a straight wedding. The film also deals with some very small yet relevant issues like adoption, alcohol, alzheimers and sign language. Alana and Kirk are getting married. She comes back home for Christmas to also plan for her wedding. Alana's mother wants a lavish wedding whereas she doesn't care much. She also invites her GBF Roy to help her plan. Roy used to date her Brother Paul but they broke up 2 years back. Roy has been single since but not to be thought as a loser, he brings along with him, his friend Gavin posing as his boyfriend. Family meets, chats happen and all is well. There are obvious sparks between Gavin and Paul but they both control it for Roy's s