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En Kort En Lang (Danish) [Shake It All About]

Another one of those typical gay movies but with a little twist here. Contrary to most movies, here a gay guy suddenly realizes his passion for woman and the trouble starts. Jacob and Jorgen are a gay couple who have been together for a long time. On his birthday, Jacob asks Jorgen to marry him. Celebrations are on but something happens the same night. Jacob falls in love with Caroline who is not just any girl but is wife of Jorgen's younger brother Tom. The life suddenly get complicated. Jacob and Caroline both try to fight it but they are helpless as they are very passionate about each other. Jorgen finds out about it and gets devastated. He gets in an accident and loses one eye. Jacob apologizes and ays he will not meet Caroline but Jorgen later finds out that all the time he was in hospital, Caroline and Jacob were sleeping together. He is devastated. They break up. Meanwhile Caroline gets pregnant and she also leaves home. Jacob and Caroline decide to get married. But on the w


Beautiful, refreshing, wonderful and touching are the words that I will use to describe the movie. Coming out of the stereotypical gay movies, this movie deals with some of the most practical challenges one has in life, be it gay or straight. Most importantly it talks about importance of family, the sacrifices you make for them and how things can be made to work if you really love and respect the people around you. Zack lives with his sister Jeanie and nephew Cody whom he loves more than anything. He was forced to give up his dream of art school and support his sister (whose husband left her). He genuinely loves Cody and wants everything best for him. But life has something else in store for him. Zack's best friend Gabe's older brother Shaun comes to town. They start hanging out together because both of them are crazy about surfing. Zack is struggling to keep his relationship with his girlfriend Tory. During this time Zack and Shaun start building relationship. Zack is confused

All The Rage

A thought provoking interesting insight into the mindsets of people who are young, handsome, smart, rich, everyone wants them but they lack substance and love in their life. Gliding through life, celebrating himself as the 90's gay playboy ideal, without ever realizing what a mess he's become forms the crux of Christopher's life. Christopher is a successful rich smart 31 year old handsome lad. He is gorgeous, clever and everyone in Boston wants him. But he just likes to play with everyone, one night stands, exchange numbers and never return back their calls. He is good friends with Larry, a gay co worker and Susan, a black woman who herself is looking for her Mr. Right. A day comes when Christopher meets Stewart and gets attracted to him. What's surprising is that Steward is ok looking, does not go to the gym, a shy guy but real nice and sweet. Christopher starts falling for him very unexpectedly and all his friends are surprised. Things are going fine between them, but

Chuck & Buck

I expected something more when I read the preview but I have to admit that it has been one of the most boring experiences. The concept of he movie was good and it could have been made in a beautiful movie but the one that I saw just did not do it for me. Chuck and Buck were best friends when they were young. Chuck grew up, and Buck didn't. When his mother dies, Buck invites Chuck (Charlie now) to the funeral. He wants to be Chuck's best friend again, but Charlie is busy working and preparing for his wedding. Since Buck has not grown up and after his mother has dies, he looks forward to being with Chuck again. But since Buck has not mentally grown up, he doesn't realize when he is crossing the line. Like the time he says to Chuck, 'Chuck and Buck, Suck and fuck' , Chuck gets very surprised and looses it and asks him to go away. Buck moves to Los Angeles and tries to revive the old friendship. He tries tooo hard even to the extent of telling Chuck's fiance that th

Manay Po (Filipino)

A fun film with lots of emotions, drama and good performances sums up this movie. It does not get preachy but at the same time tells you to just be yourself in a very funny though predicable way. Nevertheless, its totally enjoyable. Luz is a small time jeweler who dreams of making it big so as to provide a better life for her family. Her life revolves around her 3 sons Oscar, Orson and Orwell and her live-in boyfriend Gerry. Oscar is an architect and is about to be married to his girlfriend of five years Pauleen. He works with his best friend Adrian who also happens to be his secret boyfriend of 7 years. Orson, on the other hand, is openly gay, much to Oscar's discomfort and his only dream is o win Miss Gay University. He has a hunky straight best friend with whom he is in love and who doesn't exactly relish his friend's girly behavior but he tolerates it for the most part. Until a new girl comes into the picture and wins his attention. Orwell , we see is pretty much deali

Freshman Orientation

A refreshingly comic tale of a guy trying to woo a girl by pretending to be gay; this movie has loads of comic elements which keeps viewers interested all throughout. The film starts with usual cliches of a young student Clay Adams just joining the college and all he wants is sex. He sees this very pretty blonde girl Amanda and wants to go out with her. But she is kind of with another college guy. Meanwhile Amanda's fraternity asks all the girls to befriend a guy as per the chit and then dump him after 2 weeks. Amanda gets to date a gay guy. WIth turns of events, Amanda mistakes Clay to be gay and befriends him. Clay admits to being gay because at least that way he gets to spend time with Amanda. Even though his room mate Matt is totally against the idea but Clay goes on. He ends up going t a local gay bar and requests the owner to teach him how to be gay since h has just come out of closet. The sequences that follow are hilarious. One after the other, there are surprises for Amand

A Very Serious Person

A different movie which does not really deal with the coming out theme. Yes, the characters in the movie happen to be gay but the movie is about relationships, growing up, love and respect for each other and just trying to lead a normal life. Its different from our usual run of the mill gay movies and still gives you an impression that you are not dissatisfied after watching the movie. Mrs Aronson is a terminally ill old woman who invites her 13 year old grandson Gil to spend the summer with her. She is famous for being difficult with in house nurses except her caretaker Betty. We are introduced to Gil as a young teenager obsessed with old musical movies, slightly feminine, write grand stories about great actresses and refuses to do any outdoor activities. In comes a Danish gay male nurse Jan who admits to being avery serious person. He is very obsessive compulsive in taking care of Mrs Aronson. He copes up with a clustered Betty and does not pay any attention to Gil's activities.