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Visions of Sugar Plums

Now this is a bad bad film. By the packaging, you feel that this film might be funny but don't let that fool you. Its a very amateurish attempt at telling something very simple. Bruce and Joey have been together for 9 months and are looking forward for their first christmas together. But Bruce finds out that his parents are going to give him a surprise visit. Joey then finds out hat Bruce is freaked about this since he is not out and his parent are priest in church. Now he has to choose between his boyfriend and parents. Joey moves to the neighboring drag queen apartment while Bruce entertains his parents. They stumble upon a picture of Bruce and Joey together, lose their temper and leave home. Joey comes back and consoles Bruce and they spent Christmas eve together. Horribl acting by everyone specially the drag queen. It has to be the worst. And the landlady was also bad. Wors were the parents reactions when they discover Bruce is gay. Even the lead characters had no chemistry.

Echte Kerle (German) [Regular Guys]

Age old formula where a gay guy falls for a straight man and eventually straight guy turning gay has been done so many times. BUt it seems so unreal. Finally a straight guy who is definitely straight. This movie deals with the chemistry between a gay man and a confused sexist cop beautifully. Chris Schwenk is a regular macho policeman whose partner is Mike. Chris' girlfriend one fine day just dumps him. Getting too drunk that night, the next morning he finds himself in bed with a guy called Edgar. Chris doesn't remember what happened and Edgar refuses to tell although he invites Chris t stay with him if he wants. Chris refuses for obvious reasons but after his car also gets stolen , he has no choice but to come and stay with Edgar. Their bonding slowly gets stronger. Meanwhile another cop in training Helen joins the team of Chris and Mike. She also has a broken love behind her and slowly she gets a liking for Chris but just cannot understand her. Edgar deals with stolen cars a

True Love (Short Stories)

This movie is another collection of seven short love stories explores the ups and downs of gay relationships. ach short represents a snap shot of gay life; growing up, growing old, and falling in & out of love. Although, the title "True Love" may not fully speak for the wide spectrum of perspectives in gay life shown in the 7 shorts, it does represent what each short's character was trying to find. "A Christmas Story" - The collection starts with this silent film about a little boy and his gender-crossing attempts to get attention from his parents. "Going Gay" - A sixteen-year-old boy in a car is shown fingering a necklace as his father grills him about being caught having sex with his best friend. "History" - This one, shot mostly in an LA restaurant, tells a story of a gay uncle and his now-adult nephew dealing with their past. "Sunday" - A well-worn couple spends their Sunday morning in bed telling a tale of immense love

Breakfast on Pluto (UK)

Who does not want to be loved? Not many of us, and Kitten wants it more than most. Her journey to find love in whatever form it may take is both touching and harrowing at times. Patrick "Kitten" is abandoned on the parish house doorstep by an anonymous mother. Father Bernard takes the baby in and finds a foster home for the child. We later learn that the child is as the result of a liaison between the priest and his housekeeper. It's quite an auspicious beginning for this budding young drag queen who is immediately tagged as different. He makes friends with a mentally challenged boy, the only person of color in their school and her boyfriend. Kitten's boyhood is always a struggle – he's not only gay, but a drag queen. After being caught dresing up too many times, he flees the small town for the big city. He decides he needs to find his mother in London and so he's off. Finding all sorts of trouble doesn't bring this upbeat character down. Kitten just slog

Boy Crush (Short Films)

Seven short films in which gay youths and young men negotiate society, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. In several, teen boys come out, perhaps first to a close friend - how will the friends react? For some youths, coming out risks violence. In two films, love is thwarted - by mother, in one, and by immigration, in another. "Night Swimming" - This terrific bittersweet teen drama depicts that perennial gay dilemma: falling for straight boys. Young Otter idolizes his alpha-male buddy Darby who just might have similar feelings for him. This exquisitely crafted story unfolds on a road-trip to New York City. "Summer" - This intricately crafted short delicately explores the ache of unrequited love as Leung reveals his true feelings for his beefy straight pal Will on an expedition in jungle. Will being a good friend reciprocates that he will be there for him. "Oedipus" (French) - Thomas, a gay man who dies and then awakens as a clone in a terrifying sci-


Writing review for this film is not something I am worth doing but then this is the only way to show my appreciation to the makers of the film and to thank hem for making such a wonderful film. Although the film is set in 70s, it could be true even in todays time. Harvey Milk and his partner Scott move to Castro district in SF in early 70s and open a photo shop. Slowly in the interest of the gay community in his neighborhood, Milk decides to become a gay rights activist and run for city elections. Of course he looses twice. But during all these times, how he overcomes all the challenges and hardships that are faced by the gay community are wonderfully woven in the movie. His spokesperson Cleve Jones does a great job. How his partner Scott decided to break up because he cannot handle anymore politics in his life. Milk gets a new crazy Latino boyfriend who commits suicide because he cant keep up with Milk's busy schedule. On his third run for elections he gets selected as city supe

Fat Girls

Supposed to be a comedy flick, I was terribly disappointed by the film. The story gave me hopes of a good time pass comic film but unfortunately, it as short lived. 15 minutes into the film and I knew something was wrong. Rodney and Sabrina are best friends who live in a small town in Texas. They both hav dysfunctional families.Sabrina has lesbian moms and Rodney's parents are very reliious. Sabrina is like the fattest girl I have ever seen. Rodney is closet gay (at least to his parents) ,feels like a fat girl trapped in a man's body and has hots for a class mate Ted (export from London who i also gay). They have friend in the face of one of their professor who they think is also a fat girl. They meet Rudy, a Cuban boy who falls for Sabrina and they decide to go to prom together. Rodney asks his Ted who agrees. Rodney wishes to go to NY and star in Broadway. The film just looks at various incidents in the life of these 2 people in a small town. Rodney's tryst's with Te

R U Invited? 5 Guys and a Sex Party

Another one of those movies whih dont let us use ur brains too much but at the same time neither bore us o an extent to switch off the movie. A film made on a very small budget, as the name suggests talk about 5 individual men and what they go through whne they decide to go to a naked party.  Ben lives with his sugar- daddy and just chills out everyday at home. His friends Gordy, CHarlie and Mondo keep visiting him. Mondo's boyfriend is Jason. One day they all decide to go to a naked sex party. However, to qualify for attendance each invitee must submit revealing photos as a "screening" process."Now Jason is nt too keen to go to the party but is ging just because Mondo wants to go and jason loves Mondo. Gordy is the kind of guy who cares just about sex and not for everybody else's feelings. He has a history with Mondo and keeps poking at Jason to irritate him. As the party time keeps coming closer, all these people have to deal with thier issues. Jason confronts

The Matthew Shepard Story

Wow!! Now his was a wonderful film. If this film doesn't bring tears to your eyes and choke you p a little bit, then I wonder what would. Even after you finish watching the film, its is so unbelievable that this actually happened with Matthew Shepard. Matthew is a young man living in Wyoming. He is gay and one day he is killed brutally by 2 young men. The film primarily focusses on his parents after a year, how they have been dealing with this situation now that the trial is coming to an end. Their lawyer asks them to prepare to say something about Matthew on the final day in court. He is pretty sure that the defendant would get death sentence but is that what hey really want. The parents o through flashbacks of his childhood, moving from Wyoming to Saudi Arabia. Matthew studies in boarding school, falls in love with Pablo, his classmate but gets beaten up on a trip to Morocco by local goons for being gay. Matthew's parents decide to move back to Wyoming but even this is n

The Five Senses (Canada)

The five senses is a truly lovely film. It takes a look into the lives of several people, most of whom are somehow the embodiment of a sense. Yet the fact that they are so involved in a particular sense prevents them from experiencing life fully. The story that glues all five senses concerns the disappearance of a 4-year-old girl, Amy Lee. One day at the massage therapist, Ruth, Anna finds that Amy Lee is bored. Ruth asks her very reluctant teenage daughter, Rachel, to take Amy Lee to the park across the street to play. Rachel's attention gets diverted and Amy Lee goes missing. Now lets talk about the 5 senses and the people who get interconnected through these. Sight is embodied in Rona, a young woman who bakes designer cakes. The cakes are visually stunning, but she has very little regard to how they taste. She just cares about external beauty. In contrast, Taste is embodied by her Italian lover Roberto whom she met on a trip and now she feels she cannot get rid of him. Rona is t

3-Day Weekend

A story about friends hanging out together or a weekend kind of reminds you of 'Love, Valor and Compassion', and this is mentioned in the movie itself but the similarity just ended here. It is something different and a nice mix of different gay relationships (old, young, open relationship ,monogamous etc.) and enough drama to keep viewers entertained. Long-term couple Simon and Jason, along with “daddy-ish” Cooper and his boy of the moment Ace, meet annually for a three-day weekend away from their hectic city lives. Looking to spice up this long-standing tradition, they add a special twist to this year’s retreat -- each of them must invite one attractive single friend to their mountain getaway. Arriving are a frisky former college roommate, Cameron a constantly naked yoga instructor, Simon’s uptight geeky co-worker Mac and a high-priced rent boy Andre, who do indeed stir up the weekend posing as Jason's single friend. Tensions start just when Andre walks in and Mac, Kevin