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First things first, this is not a gay film an dhas nothing to do with homosexuality except the fact that the best friend of the main characters happens to be lesbian and there is a small kiss between the 2 men. This still doesn't qualify the film to be a gay film. So, why am I reviewing it here? I dunno. This was supposed to be gay film when I started watching it. :(  An average, calm mid-20s girl named Veronica restarts her dead dating life all of the sudden, but with two guys: a sensitive failed writer named Abel and an airheaded drummer named Zed. At first she despairs. Then she finds a way to date both without their finding out. Then she tells both about it. Then Abel and Zed meet each other, and, after much initial conflict, they wind up living together and evolve into a very odd yet happy threesome. However, as time goes by Veronica starts growing apart from them, while Abel and Zed become brother-like (and kid-like). Soon she finds out that she is pregnant and now wants some

3 Needles - The Passion Of The Christ (Canada Short Film)

Three dramatic AIDS stories intertwine, chronicling the spread of AIDS on three continents: a plasma-smuggler in China; the mother of an HIV positive porn star in Canada; nuns in Africa. Only one of them was relevant for this blog , so reviewing that here. Set in Canada, this segment addresses the fundamental flaws in the adult entertainment industry. Denys is an adult-film actor afflicted with AIDS. Young and living at home with his parents, Denys steals his dying father's blood to pass his mandatory AIDS screenings. This triggers an AIDS crisis within the film industry. Following his father's death, mother and AIDS-stricken son are left broke. The mother purchases a life-insurance policy for herself and then begins seeking-out the virus for herself. The results are horrific to say the very least. The conclusion is the young actor being confronted by one of his victims. She looks him in the eye an utters, ""You killed Me for eight-hundred dollars." This segment

Masahista (Filipino/Tagalog) [The Masseur]

Masahista is a very engaging film even if it's done with a shoestring budget. It gives you a very realistic view of the life of a young man trying to survive poverty by offering massage and sexual services. The film impressed me because it seems there is lot going on but in actuality there is very little that moves. Illiac is a handsome young lad who, because his alcoholic and carousing absentee father cannot support his family, has left his home to work as a masseur in Manila, assuming the financial responsibility of his family. Illiac works in a massage parlor - rooms like closets so close that conversations are easily heard - where he has his regular clients as well as newcomers, each of whom pays for massage an tips for all the 'extras' the boys are more than willing to offer for a price. The film only centers on two parts of his life:when his estranged father died and his client for the night.. someone who called himself as Marina. He is a bread-winner therefore he h

Fucking Different (German)

Lesbian filmmakers from Berlin were asked to make a short film about their idea of male gay love and sexuality and, vice-versa, gay men were given the task of making a short film about lesbian sexuality and eroticism. All genres were allowed and it could be erotic, experimental or simple but within a 3 to 7 minute range. The result is a mish-mash of several (I think its 15) odd films that tried so hard to be different that it was so difficult to sustain interest in any one of them. The highly diverse films, primarily concerned with the pinpointing, questioning and deconstruction of clichés -- clichés which, in spite of the proximity of gays and lesbians during the past ten years, appear to persist to a shocking extent in the minds of many in the opposite group. The diversity of the various contributions provides good reason to hope for a thoughtful and informative expansion of our perceptions of certain roles and gender-specific patterns. Because, after all, we are not just fucking d

Just Friends? (Korean Short Film)

I have mentioned this a few times before that sometimes small films (especially in the gay genre) make so much more sense than a full length feature film. This film of approximate 30 minute length accomplishes this mission successfully. Seokii anxiously awaits the arrival of his boyfriend Min-soo, who has taken leave from the military. Shortly after they reunite, they are met by Min-soo's mother, who is unaware of their relationship. Seok-i decides to stay with Min-soo and his mother at an inn when he realizes there is no way for him to get back home. The next day, after Min-soo's mother leaves for church, the couple become physically intimate back in their room. Their session is cut short, when Min-soo's mother returns unexpectedly early and becomes devastated by the revelation. Seok-i returns home that night. Then there is a short confession song by Min-soo for his mother, telling her that he is gay and that he will continue to love Seok-i. Sometime after the event, Se

Juste Un Peu De Réconfort (French Short Film) [A Little Comfort]

A Little Comfort is a bright, pleasant French coming-of-age tale about a young man who falls for his "straight" male friend. Now how many times have we heard of similar plot but he good thing about this one is that it is done in a romantic and a short span of time which makes it even more believable. Arnaud is a young teenager coping with his attraction to the popular hunk Guillaume who has a steady girlfriend. Arnaud imitates his idol trying cigarettes, alcohol and sex, finds a girlfriend, but when both girls leave their beaus, Guillaume (whose suicidal mother is hospitalized and who has no other family) seeks refuge with Arnaud. Arnaud's mother is more than happy to have his 'best friend' stay with them when Guillaume's temporary foster father has to leave town on business for several weeks. At last, in a comfort zone, away from the outside world, Arnaud and Guillaume bond, fall in love, and actually fit into the society that they feared would ostracize the

Devoteé (French)

This was a very awkward and disturbing movie to watch. I dunno about others but definitely for me. This is not something you watch or even wanna watch. Maybe the subject material yes, for sympathy sake, but why why why did the director have to be so so graphic in the sex scenes. That was freakish and disturbing. Devotee is the story of Hervé, an assertive 43-year-old man who was born without arms or legs. Of course, he has not had a good love life. On top of that he happens to be gay. He meets a gorgeous young man online, a devotee (devoteeism or acrotomophilia) is the sexual attraction to people with amputations) who seems like he might be different. Their encounter proves Hervé's difficulty in finding a true connection with someone who is interested in treating him like a person rather than a mere fetish. Because this young man also cares about just his own pleasures. He treats Hervé as fetish and uses him without bothering to even consider his personal satisfaction. Of course t

Autopsy (French)

Now this film was something to watch out. Totally engaging crime drama with gays being just a part of it. Some would argue whether homosexuality was the theme of the film or was it just a part of it. The more I think, the more I think it can go in either way. So I will leave it as a gay crime drama very different from whole bunch of other gay films being served out there. Eric and Sarah are detectives who are investigation the murder of a professor which it seems like a gay hate crime. When they go for the autopsy of the corpse, they find Dr. Emmanuel instead of Dr. Rose who had so far been motherly figure to Eric. Eric has been married for 20 years and has a 17 year old son but there is something about Emmanuel that instantly attracts him and he tries very very hard to fight it. They need the doctor for some interrogation but Eric is having a hard time, to the extent that he even gay bashes Emmanuel once. Sarah understands there is something wrong but is too busy with investigation.

Just Say Love

Just Say Love is the film version of stage play. It is shot as if you are still watching the play which gives it a unique feeling. Specially the film also starts with some interesting scenes which leads you to believe that you might have found that one interesting yet different piece of gay cinema but alas that's not true.  A rugged carpenter Doug is working on the street where he meets Guy sitting on bench. Guy is ardant fan of Plato and believes that love is everything. They strike up a conversation. They start off clearly wanting very different things out of their meetings, but it evolves - over a period of many months - into something that is mutually rewarding and satisfying to both of them, but not in the way they first expected. Doug mentions how his pregnant girlfriend Gita is all about spirituality these days and doesn't satisfy his sexual urges. Guy tries to overcome his sexual attraction towards Doug but cant fight for long. They start messing around which works for

Gang chanee kap ee-aep (Thai) [Metro Sexual]

Metrosexual is a term describing a man of any sexual orientation who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. However, in this movie, one might not be able to draw a conclusion on the theme of the movie by its English title as directly as an official Thai title "Gang Chanee Kap Ee-aep," which could be literally translated as "the chicks gang and a closeted gay man." Pom, Pang, Pat, Nim and Fai are five upper-class best friends in Bangkok, Thailand. Fai is married with two boys, Pat is engaged to an older Japanese man, Pom and Nim, still hopelessly single. At one of their frequent dinners out, Pang announces introduces her friends to Kong, a man she has secretly been dating for three months, and who she has agreed to marry. Kong is handsome, cultured, fashionable and seems to know more about cooking and fashion than all the girls put together. The rest of the gangs think that the guy is "too" perfect. The paranoid of their love

Friends And Family

What if gay guys were tough? What if mafia bosses were warm and cuddly? What if loving parents were also hardcore off-the-grid anarchists? And what if they all came together in a nutty climax where hilarity would inevitably ensue? The screenplay of this film encompasses all these elements and make a very entertaining comic film that keeps you engrossed throughout.  Meet Danny and Stephen, a dapper couple who share a palatial New York townhouse which they pay for by working as enforcers for Victor Patrizzi, a charming mafia boss. The strong but sweet-natured duo is thrown into a tizzy when they find out Stephen’s parents are coming for a visit. And its not because they are gay (which the parents know). They don't know what the couple really do for a living and they have been made to believe that the two run a catering business and want to enlist their help in throwing Dad a 60th birthday party. The guys quickly get busy hiding their guns and ammo in laundry hampers. Meanwhile, Victo

Les Amours Imaginaires (Canadian French) [Heartbeats]

This is a french film based in Canada. French films from France usually have a very different aura about them. This one, I don't know so much actually. It was nice and interesting with a very common thing about a love triangle but at some places the direction was very different and how the triangle affects the relationships is also shown very well. Francis and Marie are very good friends. They meet Nicholas at a party. Nicholas is this greek god kinda guy who has blond curls, perfect charming face which everyone would die to be with him. Although neither would agree, but both of them are instantly very very attracted to Nicholas. He is very very friendly with both of them and they start hanging out. Marie and Francis are both falling head over heels in love with Nicholas to the extent that it starts to hurt. Specially when neither of them can tell whether he loves either one or both or none. They once come up with an idea of spending some time in Europe. Things get bad when Mar

Priest (UK)

'Priest' is a complex film, dealing with hard issues of incest and homo-sexuality, but first with the conflict between the priest mission as a moral leader and the Procustian laws of the Catholic church he needs to obeye by. The ideological content may be controversial for many, it was partly for me as well, but I cannot help admiring the well kept balance, the dramatic tension, and the masterful way the excellent team of actors is filling the roles.  Father Greg is a young, dedicated, idealistic and yet conservative compared to his colleague, Father Matthew, who has recently arrived in his new parish. He works hard with total faith and devotion. Soon after moving in to Father Matthew's house, he discovers that Father Matthew has been having a relationship with his maid. There is initial friction as the Old and New Worlds collide. Father Matthew dismisses Father Greg's modernistic sermons, while Father Greg frowns upon Father Matthew's casual stance on papal celibac

El Mar (Spanish) [The Sea]

Let's be clear. This is not a gay film. One of the characters happens to be gay but that is not the central plot of the film. This is a dark movie sinister in its setting and narrative telling. Set during the time of civil war in Spain during 40s, this is not an easy film to watch specially for Non-Spanish people who are not familiar with this history. A group of friends play together. Ramalla, Tur, Francisca and 2 others. They witness the terror of the assassination of men, and the revenge that drives one of them to murder and suicide. These wide-eyed children become adults, carrying all of the psychic disease and trauma repressed in their minds. We then encounter the three who survive into adulthood where they are all confined to a tuberculosis sanitarium. Ramalla has survived as a male prostitute, protected by his 'john' Morell, and has kept his life style private. Tur has become a frail sexually repressed gay male who is deep into religion and thinks that praying and f

Wedding Wars

Wedding Wars is a very funny take on gay's struggle for marriage. I liked the fact that the issue has been given a humorous angle and not a serious issue based film. The film mostly explores relationship between 2 brothers who had some kind of falling out after one brother tells the other he is gay. I saw this film for the second time primarily to review it here and secondly cos it is funny too.  Ben and Shel are brothers. Ben who is an advisor to the governor has recently got engaged to governor's daughter Maggie. On Maggie's suggestion that they should try Shel as their wedding planner, Ben unwillingly goes to meet his brother and his partner Ted and asks him to be his wedding planner. Shel is shocked, surprised but readily takes it up, at the same time hoping that this will help bring the 2 brothers close to one another. Ben is clearly not very comfortable with the fact that Shel is gay but doesn't do anything about it. It is elections time and things are all fine un

Pethaino gia sena! (Greek) [I/m Dying For You]

I haven't seen Greek gay comedies I think before , so this one definitely came as a surprise. On top of that, when the film is half decent when you have no real expectations from the movie. This one definitely came as a pleasant surprise. If I had seen the movie in its entirety, I probably would have given it higher rating but in comparison with other films, this falls a little short. The film starts with a man who has just died and is trying to wonder how could he have died. The film goes in flashback and explores various reasons how he could have died. And funnily enough all possibilities are to do with a family of husband, wife, a gay son and grandmother who can't listen. The son is a bad student and need some private lessons. The father is a traffic cop who is full of himself and lives with a secret desire to become a famous lyricist. The mother teaches tango lessons and is very very busy. One the mother almost accidentally hits a man while driving, she thinks she has kill

101 Rent Boys

This is a documentary style feature which talks about 101 rent boys in Santa Monica Boulevard in the LA area. Although the film features 101 different hustlers, it focuses on the lives (and loves) of a few key men. They have been chosen to reflect the immense diversity of the boys of the Santa Monica Strip. An amazing thing happens when you cross a video camera with award-winning directors, $50 and a hustler. To prevent the film from becoming monotonous and repetitious, it was divided into seventeen chapters with titles like, "Losing It," "The First Trick," "Gay," "Straight," "Turn-ons," "Turn-offs," "Pain," "Weird [stuff]," "Drugs," and "The Future." The stories, for the most part, are painful to hear: some interviewees clearly struggle with drug addition and it is clear how they will spend the $50 they earned making this film, many are victims of childhood sexual abuse or parental aba

Avant que j'oublie (French) [Before I Forget]

This is one of the few French films that either you will like or hate. There is no in between because the subject and treatment is different. It is not easy to hold someone's interest throughout the film of such nature. Unfortunately, I belong in the second category where I didn't particularly cared too much for the characters or the film in general. I could have stopped watching the film at any point and continued after missing a substantial portion and still not miss much because there isn't much going on in the first place. Pierre is a blocked writer, a former gigolo now in his 50's who has been HIV positive for 20 plus years. He is depressed in life because no one wants him and he doesn't have much to go n with his life. Film progresses with Pierre having conversations over cigarettes with various gigolos (former) discussing life and money. He sees a shrink, who advices him to go for younger gigolos so that he can get a boost in his life. He reads aloud a love

Boy (Filipino)

When I saw that this film was by the same director of the film " The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros", it got me excited. I liked that film and was expecting something similar. This film is not great by any means but it is definitely different. It is a funny and touching story of a up and coming teenage poet who also happens to be a gay boy. A teenage boy goes into a gay nightclub one Saturday night and it is empty except for those who work there and the usual crowd. "Boy" has never been to the club before and knows nothing about the gay lifestyle so he has no idea of the rules that are followed. Suddenly an 18 year old dancer Aries takes the stage and boy is mesmerized although he does not understand what has caused the attraction. The boy gets so attracted to Aries that he sells his prized collection of comic books and action figures to gather enough money so that he can bring Aries home on New Year’s Eve. When he does that, the boy's mother suspects something

Le Fil (French/Arab) [The String]

I know I have said this many a times before but what can I do when it is so true. Frenchmen have come up with some of the best films ever and this holds true even for gay genre. The freshness in the scripts and execution is worth watching. I feel I am lucky to get a chance to watch these films. Not everyone is that lucky. I just hope more people start appreciating French cinema. Handsome Malik returns to Tunisia from France to stay with his widowed mother, Sara. He is half Arab and half French and is already struggling with his roots. He wants to confess to his mother about his homosexuality but as we later find, she always knew just never wanted to acknowledge it. Malik seems attracted to rough local guys whose job is to service young rich men. Sara has an Arab guy called Bilal who lives in servant quarters who does menial jobs for her. Malik has instant attraction for him but doesn't know what he feels like. He keeps guessing it keeping the master-servant relationship going. Mea

Hollywood, Je T'aime (English/French) [Hollywood, I Love You]

"Hollywood, Je T'aime" is not just a lighthearted colourful popcorn comedy that the cover suggests. There is humour but also some food for thought. It looks at a heartbroken guy's disillusionment with the Hollywood glamour, and ultimately finds out the hard way that streets in Hollywood are not paved with gold. He has to answer the question, whether he loves Hollywood or not. Jerome, a guy from Paris, after having been ditched by his boyfriend, and in order to overcome his infatuation, decides to go to L.A. for Christmas, at first for vacation, and maybe get his hands on acting and then for reasons not quite pinned down that seem like going for a ride. At this journey he meets various local people who help him in his destiny. He meets Ross at the beach, who lives on his own and is a drug dealer. Ross, is attracted to Jerome and helps him at various points. In the interim, Jerome befriends a tranny prostitute and, through her, meets an older, bitter drag queen who lets

My Night With Reg (UK)

Entirely set among London's gay community in the mid-1980s against the background of the mounting AIDS crisis, My Night with Reg follows the ups and downs of a circle of homosexual friends over a period of several years. One of the group, the Reg mentioned in the title, is not a character in the play but the whole plot revolves around his apparent promiscuity and the chain reaction of deception and betrayal set off by it.  The group, most of them in their thirties, meet at irregular intervals, often at Guy's place. Guy himself is a lonely man who has always had crush on John but never dared to tell him. He lives a solitary life, which he only spices up with phone sex. 18 year-old Eric, is helping him decorate his new flat. During the course of conversation we find that on one holiday he met a gay man who eventually forces himself on Guy and has unprotected sex with him. At his flatwarming party, he has just come back from his holiday. John comes to meet him and they talk. The m


This film is made up of four unique stories, very different from each other, about 20 minutes long talking about different aspects of gay romance and each story is quite moving. We see also what love is and how it affects the characters. the stories could as well have been for characters of any sexual orientation.  "Don't Ask" is about a interracial couple Cameron and James. The two have been together for 4 years and for most of that part Cameron has been on duty in Iraq. Just before Cameron has to leave again for his duty, they both go out to meet friends, where Cameron is forced to defend himself to a pacifist when she wants to know why he is still fighting in a useless war. Cameron leaves and James stays home and lives in fear that his lover may not return. "Bloodline" is about Gerald, a cute gay goth who finally is able to talk to Christian in his class. He always thought Christian was interested in him. Pretty soon the boys fall in love for each other but


If you have been a follower of my blog, I put this post about a short film "Dare" and did mention that this film has the potential of being made into a full length feature film. Well guess what, someone did listen to us and used this idea to make a full length feature film. Although the film really didn't preceded or follow the story but the short story fits in very well in the narrative. I liked the fact that they stuck to the original dialogues and scenes of the short. I wish they stuck with the original actors too.  The film is split into 3 acts from the perspective of individual 3 characters and a final act of them together. Alexa is a typical teenage high school girl who wants to become an actress. He drama partner is Johnny who doesn't take it seriously. She wonders if being bad would benefit her and so she gives in to have a physical relation with Johnny. This transformation in Alexa makes her best friend Ben feel betrayed. He also has had a crush on Johnny. O

Capturing The Friedmans (Documentary)

Documentaries that focus on the lives of their subjects are intrinsically voyeuristic. What starts as a not uncommon family avocation turns infinitely darker as several of the family members seem compelled to record disturbing intra-family encounters that both enthrall and repel. I In the late 1980's, the Friedmans - father and respected computer and music teacher Arnold Friedman, mother and housewife Elaine Friedman, and their three grown sons, David, Seth and Jesse - of Great Neck, Long Island, are seemingly your typical middle class American family. They all admit that the marriage was by no means close to being harmonious - Arnold and Elaine eventually got divorced - but the sons talk of their father, while also not being always there for them, as being a good man. This façade of respectability masks the fact that Arnold was buying and distributing child pornography. Following a sting operation to confirm this fact, the authorities began to investigate Arnold for sexual abuse

Un Enfant dans la foule (French) [A Child in the Crowd]

This is an old 70s film which directly actually does not fall in the gay category. There are situations in the film that question whether Paul was gay or not but it is clear that his attraction is more real to wards the girl whom he meets towards the end of the film. So this can be argued. Set in 1930s in Paris during the German occupation time, the film is nevertheless interesting. 7 year old Paul studies in a church run boarding school and visits his home every weekend. For some weird reason he feels that no one at home wants him (including mother, father and elder sister). Soon there are issues between the couple and they split. Paul is no longer in boarding school but school was never his thing. He tries but he just does not like to study. He wanders on the street and like to meet strange men looking for love and acceptance. He does this menial jobs for German soldiers in Paris and make some money out of it. He meets a school friend, they share a bond. Paul steals for him because h

Better Than Chocolate (Canada)

I am not a big lesbian movie watcher, so I wasn't sure about watching the film. They are just not my cup of tea. So with my own apprehensions, I did start watching the film. In the end it turned out to be not so bad. The funny thing was this film also had all the typical lesbian cliches that you will find in most gay movies too. So in a way , it was funny. PLus the film was in a comedy genre, so it wasn't that bad after all. Meggie, just quit university and preferred becoming part of Vancouver's gay scene, performing in a gay bar and working in a lesbian book store. Things seem to go pretty fine until the day when Maggie's Mum Lila calls and informs her that she just left her current husband and wants to move in with Maggie, bringing Maggie's teen brother Paul with her. The problem is: Mum doesn't know (or doesn't want to know) that her little daughter is gay. Things get even more problematic when one night, after her performing at the club, Maggie meets an

Presque rien (French) [Come Undone]

This is a film that promises a take on gay life, as most viewers expect and somehow, it gets away from that promise into an introspective view at a young man's soul. The film has a way of staying with us even when it has ended. It is a character study about how a young man gets involved into a love affair with someone so much different than him that, in the end, will leave Mathieu confused, hurt and depressed when things don't go according to what he hoped the relationship would be. The story unfolds with Mathieu, after suffering from depression; revisit his family summerhouse to pull his life together. It is the same place where two summers ago he met his first boyfriend, someone he just broke up with. Mathieu is visiting with his sick mother and his sister to his aunt' summer house. While sunning at the beach Mathieu notices a handsome youth his age staring at him, and we can feel Mathieu's emotions quivering with confusion. The biy ultimately turns out to be Cedric w

Ai qing wan sui (Taiwan) [Vive L'Amour]

This was such a ridiculous movie. The first thing I read someone's review online was that it is one of the director's best film dealing with contemporary loneliness and alienation. BS !! This was crap, boring and utterly annoying. Viewers just keep waiting and waiting for something to happen but almost never nothing happens. In Taipei, a middle-aged real estate agent, May Lin, goes about her daily routine of putting up signs, inviting potential customers to an open house, then sitting and waiting for them in empty apartments as the hours drag by. Hsiao-kang, a young gay man who sells wall space for burials, soon finds the key to an apartment being shown by May Lin and moves in. When May Lin meets Ah-jung a slick street vendor of women's clothes during a lunch break, they coyly size each other up, then use the apartment for casual sex. Ah-jung, unaware of Hsiao-Kang's presence, takes the key from May Lin and also moves in. The characters live an existence surrounded by s

Gay Short Films : 05

En Malas Compañias (Spanish) [Doors Cut Down] A school boy hangs around a mall in order to pick up older men and have sex in the public toilets. When his English tutor teaches him anal sex he is opened up to new experiences despite being caught by his disapproving father. When he meets a 18 year old he goes to the toilets only to be caught by security and charged. Despite his parent's disapproval he finds this makes him dedicated to one relationship but the sexual anonymity of the toilets is a constant lure for him. Close To Two young men have a brief sexual encounter in a New York City subway that sets off feelings of anxiety and desperation. It was a weird film that I didn't care much about. Davy And Stu As the sun sets over a swampy Scotland bog, two boys meet in the darkness as part of a nightly ritual. Part character study, part love story, DAVY & STU is a heartwrenching look at the intensity of adolescent romance and forbidden love. Heartland H.G. liv

Since Adam Was A Boy (Australia) (Documentary)

The cowboy has long been romanticised as the ideal image of masculinity – a rough and rugged bushman who loves his beer as much as his woman. But for a young bloke living on the land it’s a tough life if you don’t fit the mould. Adam Sutton grew up in Australia, the son of a Vietnam veteran. He had a turbulent time as a young man, spending six months in jail after a fatal road accident for which he was convicted of culpable driving under the influence of alcohol. Sutton went on to build a reputation as a skilled and respected rodeo rider, horse breaker, riding instructor and trick rider – culminating in a stint as a wrangler for the movie 'Ned Kelly', where he also helped the actors with horsemanship skills. It was here that he met Heath Ledger – and established a unique connection that would resonate later with the release of Ledger’s recent movie 'Brokeback Mountain'. Adam Sutton’s story first came to public attention just 2 days before the Academy Awards in a front-

Plata Quemada (Spanish) [Burnt Money]

After having finished the film, came the declaration that this film was based ona true heist that happened in Buenos Aires in 1965. It is so interesting because while I was watching the film, this is exactly what I kept thinking. The film has a gripping story and the main protagonists happen to be gay. Focus of the film is not their sexuality at all, instead its all about what they both are doing as a team and what are they capable of. Nene and Angel are lover who are famous in the criminal world as 'Twins' since they never do anything alone. After initial passion, there is something missing between the two from Angel's side because he keeps hearing voices that tell him what he is doing is wrong. But when it comes to work it is all good. They are hired for a bank robbery along with the car driver Cuervo. The robbery is successful but they end up killing a couple of cops and also Angel gets shot in his shoulder in the process. Now the entire police department is after them,

Un Altro Pianeta (Italian) [One Day In A Life]

This was a stupid, nonsense movie. Actually maybe not that bad in retrospect but again, what was the point? A slice of one day in a person's life? But it still has to have a point. I can go and start filming a bunch of people on a beach on a particular day and 2 hours editing call it a film. It does not make it a art specially when you have forced nudity and sex in the film. Salvatore is a handsome man edging towards middle age ho now spends time enjoying beautiful seaside of Italy. The film bizarrely starts with a hookup encounter with another young man in the sand dunes on his way to he beach. Then he goes to the beach, walks around (sometimes naked) and meets a group of 3 girls (totally annoying). The group starts talking about love , philosophy and future. He also meets a young man on the beach named Cristiano who reminds him of his lover who died a year ago. There is attraction between the 2 men but Cristiano is young and careless which annoys Salvatore. He becomes close to on