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Bangkok Love Story (Thai)

The name gives the impression of a usual gay love story but this one is different. Unlike most happy endings this one actually has a tragic ending and you feel for the men. Two completely different people meeting and falling for each other from different parts of society makes it an interesting watch. Maek, an assassin by profession kills 'bad people' to satisfy his bosses but cannot kill 'good people'. He is the sole support of his mother and younger brother, both of whom suffer from AIDS. The source of their infection is the abusive live-in stepfather. Maek is assigned a 'hit' and in stalking the young lawyer he is supposed to assassinate he finds an attraction to the obviously good, married, handsome Iht. When the moment comes to complete his grim duty, Maek finds out that Iht is not actually a bad guy and refuses to kill him. When his boss tries to shoot Iht, he takes the shot on himself to save Iht. Iht is compassionate and rescues Maek from the streets, ta

Dream Boy

Sometimes movies start with a promise and then half way loose the steam. By the time it ends , you ask yourself WTF? This film was a classic case of this situation. What could have been another teen coming out story beautifully done turned out to be a mish-mash of romance, horror, coming out etc.  New boy in town Nathan can't take his eyes off blond, long-haired, obviously sensitive farm hunk Roy, who lives next door and drives the school bus when not in class. Roy doesn't mind Nathan's furtive glances, and the two hit it off when Nathan offers to help with Roy's homework. Brushed hands over algebra quickly leads to sex. Though Nathan can't believe his luck, tensions at home are threatening to derail his new happiness. Soon the reasons for his ultra-shy, awkward look are clear. His father has a history of sexually abusing his son. Trying to save himself from his father, he stays in woods and Roy helps him out in this situation without asking what is wrong with him.

Patrik 1,5 (Swedish) [Patrik Age 1.5]

After a long time, I actually got choked up while watching a movie. This necessarily might not be because of the content of the movie but also because of the fact that how difficult it is for gay couples to adopt and raise a kid and how people perceive them in general in society. Also what the teenage Patrik goes through in his life after having lost all near and dear ones, just makes you want to cry This is the story of a gay couple living in white picket fence suburban neighborhood run by a homeowners association and populated by an all straight community. Goran and Sven are a married gay couple and now after moving in their suburban house want to adopt and raise an infant child to round out their marriage and live as a family. They have been put on a long waiting list to find a child they can raise from a baby and finally one becomes available. Or so it seems. A typing error that should have read Patrik, age 15 has been mistyped by the social service agency as Patrik 1,5. Believing

Ciel sur la tête, Le (French) [Times Have Been Better]

If you are a movie fanatic, by now probably you also must have seen or at least heard of various coming out movies and the person deals with it. But this one talks more from parents perspective and not the relationship of theirs with their son. This movie focusses more on what happens to the relationship between father and mother because of this and other reasons from the past. Jeremy is the business executive son of Guy and Rosine and elder brother to Robin. When he pays a surprise visit to his family, everything is fine until just before he leaves, he tells his family that he is gay and is living with his boyfriend Marc in Paris. Though Robin had known this, it comes as a shocker to the parents. This incident brings out the insecurities inside them. Rosine has a gay colleague who literally is a bitchy old queen. Guy doesn't know whether to talk to his friends about it or not because he fears of being ridiculed. Rosine wants Guy to talk to her or at least someone because she feels

After Sex

Sometimes zero expectations from a movie are the best way to go for it. Although this one is not a gay film but a couple of stories are based on gay couples so it definitely makes it worthwhile to review it. This film is a humorous, yet honest look at the complexity of modern day relationships using several couples from all walks of life having troubled conversations after having sex. You can actually say its a collection of short stories too. The different couples are from different background. Couple 1 is about friends with benefit. How they maybe falling in love but neither wants to admit for they think they are not for marriage. Couple 2 is about these 2 gay guys. The first timer boy is not sure why he did it and the other guy makes him feel that its right to do what you feel. Sometimes you have to be what you are and not what people want you to be. Couple 3 is about a teenage love where both boy and girl have just lost their virginity and how the mother of the girl walks in. Funn