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Gay Short Films : 44

Underwater (UK)  Jonathan, is taken to an elite swimming academy deep in the English countryside by his soon to be step-mother, kept away from her upcoming wedding to his father. At the academy, Jonathan struggles to find his place among the group. He may be a top athlete in his field, but here, he is not suave enough to deal with sexcapades and chauvinism of people in the group. They act straight but don’t mind fooling around with each other. The chemistry is real, the penis shots are real & the drama is real; except I don’t really get the whole point of this short film. Just Ok. Todo El Sol Del Mundo (Spain) [All The Sun In The World] Pablo & Mauro meet each other while clubbing. They stare, they like each other, they leave together. For some reason, not very clear, they are not together any more (or was it really just a one night stand). The film is captured through a video that Mauro makes for Pablo since he promised to make a video for him in their one night stand

Nasty Baby

This film has a very independent, next-door neighbour types, slice of life film. Its hard to put a genre to this film since it could be a comedy or drama but what is important is that the issue and the subject has been handled very sensitively with realism. A film about motives, hopes and fears; a small problem lies with the fact that while the film was happily going in one direction, it suddenly takes a different turn and as a viewer left me completely baffled. Freddy and Mo are a happy gay couple living in a New York city apartment. Freddy, a budding artist working on a video piece featuring him like a baby, is trying to have a baby with is best friend Polly but it turns outfit Freddy has a low sperm count. Polly suggests asking Mo to be the sperm donor. Initially hesitant abut the whole thing, Mo finally gives in. Their neighbour homeless ‘Bishop’ has been making life of this gay couple a living hell by his antics. He doesn’t like gays and i a bit nuisance to everyone around. F

Not Looking (Web Series)

If you are an avid gay movies/TV shows watcher; you definitely would have heard of HBO series ‘Looking’. This web series produced by ‘Funny Or Die’ is a hilarious spin-off of the original show and is about four gays not looking for anything but themselves. The girls ahem men are just living out the problems than any 20-something girl has while living in Los Angeles. I saw 2 seasons so far and as annoying the characters seem to be; they are really hilarious. The web series follows 4 friends. One is older bitchy queen, who things he is the best thing to have happened to gay world and overtime he talks about his age, it cracks me up. He is the best part of the show. Then there is the other guy who keeps crying over has old boyfriend who has now suddenly become an internet sensation because of his hair. The guy with great hair has a stalker who follows him anywhere and everywhere. And finally we have the yummy bear, who adds his own spice. He is supposed to have dated Lance Bass in th

Cut Snake (Australia)

There are very few thrillers in the gay genre, at least among the ones that I have seen; so I was quite excited to see this film. Having read the brief synopsis, I hoped that the film would be good. This crime thriller comes with a twist because this one has a gay love story and a straight love story smashed together in a love triangle and thats what makes this film more interesting. The film starts with Pommie entering an old woman’s house trying to con her to give him her son Merv’s address. We don’t know what he does with her. Then we meet Merv, also known as Sparra, who is soon to get married to his sweetheart Paula. Together they live in a small town near Melbourne. Paula doesn’t know much about Merv’s past but since he is the most caring, gentle, sweet man; she doesn’t question much. A surprise visit by Pommie to Merv changes things. It turns outfit Pommie and Merv were cell mates in prison and in fact they were lovers too. Tommie is furious to see that Mrv has forgotten him

Please Like Me: Season 3 (Australia)

I was so excited and happy to know that season 3 of this fantabulous show is gonna be telecast soon. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it when it ended. Josh and Tom and Clair and everyone else was still so fresh in my memory. In fact me and a friend of mine who also loved this show, were both excited about this new season. And it definitely still lives unto the expectations. This season’s focus is a lot on Josh and Arnold. After going back and forth with their relationship, they finally have sex and try and be together. They make a lovely quirky couple. Arnold eventually even comes out to his parents, who are initially taken aback but come to terms with it. Josh’s best friend Tom meets Ella, a girl at a bar, who now becomes a permanent fixture in the life. The friends make fun of how Tom also picks the wrong girls but thy stick together. Claire is back this season after a few episodes and brings her own baggage including an unwanted pregnancy. We get t see what’s happening in Jo

Margarita With A Straw (Hindi)

There haven’t been many Indian films that explore the queer theme in their cinema. Surprisingly the theme of lesbian is still far more acceptable than gay. But nonetheless, its every step that counts, and I hope that makers will take a leaf of lesson and would make more movies on similar themes. This film takes it one step further asking the question ”Do the disabled `also’ desire? Do they long for sexual exploration and intimacy?” Laila, suffering from cerebral palsy is a free spirited teenager, who is an aspiring song writer. Her heart longs for the lead singer of the college band but soon her heart is broken. Keeping the timing right, she is offered a scholarship for creative writing course in New York and she along with er mother leaves for the city. She wants to lead  normal life in the city like any other song person and after initial hesitation, the mother allows. Here also she has a crush on a young man Jared in her class. But its her meeting with Khanum, a fiery young act

Gay Short Films : 43

Aban and Khorshid (USA) Inspired by true events, an intimate portrait of two lovers, glimpsing into the world in which they met, moments before their execution for being gay. So real, shocking, touching and so very sad ! Dinner with the Woodburns (USA) A son's revelation about being gay opens up a can of worms. What he thought was going to be a huge deal compares nothing to everything else that will be disclosed by the family members at the dinner table. Funny! L' Appuntamento (Italy) [The Appointment] Francesco, hurt by the discovery of his girlfriend's betrayal, is craving to meet his contender and makes an appointment with him only to be surprised himself. The film relates to the identical thought which two different people have in common from the heart and are destined to meet, beyond their genders and their sexual orientation. Green Line (Canada) In the Montreal metro, two young men exchange furtive glances. Yes, thats all that is to this film :) BrĂ¡