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Der bewegte Mann (German) [Maybe... Maybe Not]

This film was different. It was a different kind of comedy film where emotions also played a strong part. It is also a bot different from the regular gay films that you get to see. So anything that somewhat different and is done good, I appreciate it. Axel's girlfriend of 3 years Doro catches him redhanded having sex with some random woman. She throws him out of the house. None of Axel's ex-girlfriends help him live with them even thouh he is so good looking. Certain events bring him to a discussion group of men which is also attended by a gay guy Walter who proposes to Alex that he can live with him. In a drunk state Axel thinks that Walter wants him for physical reasons, he decides to stay with Walter's friend Norbert. He is happy because of course Norbert likes him. Norbert is the kind of guy who falls in love with anyone and likes the idea of relationship. He helps Axel with everything but Axel makes clear that he is not gay although he doesn't mind getting naked i

Get Real (UK)

I remembered seeing this movie but had to watch it again for 2 reasons. One of the members in his comments asked me to watch it and second it gives me an opportunity to write my blog on it. Going in with hih expectations, I must say that I wasn't disappointed at all.  "Get Real" is the story about a 16-year old gay teenager named Steven Carter who has known about himself since he was 11-years old and is perfectly fine with it. Although he is dying to be accepted for who he is and not for who he pretends to be, he is afraid to tell his peers and his parents about his true nature. Only his best friend Linda knows and is worried about Steven, due to his sexual adventures at a gay men's restroom in a park. But one day, he unexpectedly has an encounter with the "straight" high school jock John Dixon who kind of snubs it off. But Dixon can't hold any longer and cries for Carter's help in getting him out of the confusion that he is living with. They both st

Under The Gaydar

This is one of those really stupid movies. Director and Producer are torn between whether to make an issue based film, comic film or just generally have his money put into something because he has nothing better to do with it. Darren and Ryan have been friends for a while. They have found out a way to get more girls. They pretend to be gay and they have been succeeding in getting more girls this way. Darren takes it so far that he even has his distraught parents believing his sexual identity lie. Mom and dad hire a girl Ashley who has made a business out of "turning gay boys straight." So she goes after Darren, and is surprised at how easy her money seems to be this time. But complications crop up like his pretend gay boyfriend who may not be acting so much, and a whole string of ex-gay clients who have an obsession with the high-priced gay boy turner. In fact it turns out that Ryan has been one of her clients who she turned straight but suddenly now he has feelings for Darr

Another Country (UK)

Having read good reviews about his fim, I was quite keen on watching this one. But I guess these are the kind of films which I personally dont like. In some way, shape or form, I have been unable to identify myself with these films. And considering the fact that the film is set in 30's and talks about Communism and Marxism, It all goes above my head.  Films is set in a London boarding school. Among other things, the film focuses on 2 main characters who happen to be friend and room mates. Tommy sticks to his ideals and believes in Marx and Stalin. Guy is gay, in love with a younger pal who is forever ready to rebel against the rigid rules of the institution. The film shows the rigid, archaically proper British schools for young men where class is paramount in importance, rank reigns, and medieval views of sexuality and out of line thought are treated with public corporal punishment and (worst of all!) the inability to rise in the ranks of the 'important' lads. Throughout th

Galazio Forema (Greek) [True Blue]

I think there are very few gay themed films that have come from Greece. After initial expectations, it just started sliding down and by the end of the film it was nothing but a disappointment. I think the intentions were fine but the execution not so great. The fifties. A widow is raising her three children but has a soft spot for her only son Giorgos. The first signs of the son’s ‘peculiarity’ appear early on. The father does not like the behavior of the son but dies soon. His passion for dancing leads him to Paris to work as a dancer in some cheap gay club and his passions to bisexual relationships which involve a so called marriage to some girl whom he pays some money. His relationship to the girl is not very clear because he sleeps with her and also with other men at the same time. Time moves on and we are in eighties. Giorgos has failed big time as an artist and is earning nothing. He moves back with his mother, doesn't do any work, expects his mother to take care of him and