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YYY: The Series (Thai)

This is the kind of brainless silly series that I would have enjoyed maybe 10-15 years ago, but somehow at this stage in my life, I can't really say much more than a silly series. Originally stated to be a 6 part (about 30 minute each), for some reason, the makers came up with another 3 episodes which were the most random episodes/context/relationship I have ever seen. Nott, a handsome inventor, lives in an all-boys apartment owned by Porpla, the Yaoi fan owner. One day, one of Nott's inventions causes an electrical fire destroying Porpla's Yaoi CDs. She decides to throw him out. Conveniently, Pun walks in at the right time and Nott, thinking on his toes, pretends that Pun is his boyfriend, appealing to Porpla's obsession with BL couples. Pun reluctantly agrees, but says that Nott owes him. Slowly they start to fall for each other. Meanwhile, Arm, the neighborhood boy has had a crush on Nott for a long time but he is the gentleman kind of guy. Even though he knows that

Be Here For You (Mandarin)

I am not sure of this is a BL series or a film. This was released as part of three season gay Chinese anthology series 'Mr X and I'. But at almost 2 hours long, this felt almost as a film to me. The basic storyline focuses on best friends Xu Zhengxi and Tao Ye. They are best of friends and pretty much do everything together. Zhengxi has string feelings for Tao Ye but Tao has eyes for the class monitor girl. He is completely smitten with her and Zhengxi helps Tao Ye to flirt with her and make them a couple, but when the girl starts treating Zhengxi badly (since she knows that he has feelings for Tao), Zhengxi ends up telling Tao about his feelings. Initially surprised by the announcement, Tao is ok with the information and continues to treat Zhengxi as his close friend, but Tao's closeness to the girl breaks his heart and eventually his love and respect continuously reduces for Tao. Couple of years later, Tao and the girl are a couple and Zhengxi along with his best girl fri

Baby Steps (Mandarin/English)

I feel like of late I have seen quite a few queer movies dealing with gay parents in last couple of months. It's a good sign that film makers are thinking beyond the usual rom com genre and exploring drama. The primary character of this film is Taiwanese American gay man Danny and his journey towards fatherhood. Danny is Taiwanese American man in a relationship with Tate in LA. His mother knows about his sexuality but choses to ignore it. Like everyone else she is obsessed with Danny should get married and have kids. For some reason, not explained, becoming a father is equally important to Danny even though his partner Tate is not onboard with it. A quest soon begins for a surrogate mother. Danny's mother is only too happy to help since she gets a grandchild but doesn't want to acknowledge Tate, who is himself not sure about the baby and they take a break. The legality of finding a donor and a surrogate soon takes its tool and the mother son duo travel to Taiwan, India and

La Dea Fortuna (Italian) [The Goddess of Fortune]

I have been waiting for a Ferzan Ozpetek movie in a while now. The Turkish origin Italian film director has made some very memorable movies, which I have already reviewed on my blog, so you can imagine my happiness when I came across this one. This film goes from a cheery rom-com to emotional drama to tragedy, showing us the painful disintegration of a gay couple whho have been together for 15 years. The film starts with a wedding, where we are introduced to most characters. Arturo, a frustrated translator who dropped his plans to become a college teacher and Alessandro, dark, hunky plumber have been together for fifteen years. Passion is a thing of the past and the two open their relationship sexually, even though they are jealous because of that. Enter Annamaria, Alessandro's friend for life who also happens to be a Sicilian baroness who leaves her two young children in their custody while she is hospitalized for medical examinations. Their friends see the presence of the two chi

Gay Short Films : 80

Fly By Night (South Korea) A young man who lives in the big city with his brother spends his nights having sex with other men for money. When one customer doesn't have enough money to pay, they arrange to meet the next night. This Is Me (USA) Short doc featuring story of Dominik and his struggles in society including his school for trying to live his life as a trans man in the mountains of Kentucky. Love Wars (Spain) Two homosexual Stormtroopers, meet in a secret location on board the Death Star during a rebel attack. Alone Forever (USA) Oliver can't help but wonder if his new tattoo is the cause of his recent spate of romantic bad luck. As he fails repeatedly to connect with any eligible bachelors, he becomes more and more distraught over what could be the true meaning and power of his tattoo and whether it has doomed him to be alone forever. Queen Of The Desert (Australia) Starlady's a youth worker in some of Australia's most remote and challenging places. Equipped wi

Des (UK) (Mini Series)

A three-part British television drama miniseries, Des is a true story of the Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who called himself Des, and was arrested in 1983. Serial killer, mini series and a brilliant actor like David Tennant, whats not to look forward to for a series like this. Cops get a lead that drain pipe of one of. the flats in blocked by what seems like human remains. Nilsen is then arrested, who admits of having remains of human body in his current apartment and also his previous apartment. We are told that Nilsen, Des, himself had called in the complaint. DCI Jay is in charge of the investigation. Des is more than co-operative and it turns out that he may have killed 12-15 boys, all homeless, looking for food and love, may or may not necessarily be gay. Enter a famous writer Brian, an older yet successful gay man himself, who is hired by Des, to write his biography providing an additional point of view beyond that of Nilsen and the police. The rest of the investigation

Mala Noche (English/Spanish) [Bad Night]

This film must have been something when it came way back in 1986. It definitely seems way ahead of its time. Not just to have a full on gay story but also the dark and gritty direction path it chooses to show the story with. the narrative’s driving force—blind, unembarrassed homosexual lust—is established in a matter of seconds. Walt is a young lower-class shopkeeper who lives a necessarily minimal existence. He longs for Johnny, a young Mexican immigrant who frequents his store often and who in turn repulsed and intrigued by his friendly advances. Johnny and his best friend Roberto always hang around. Walt makes his first pass at Johnny by offering him $15 to sleep with him. He refuses, so settling for second best, Walt takes Roberto home and they have sex. However, he does not give up on trying to win over Johnny. He befriends them and the trio hang out together goofing around. One day Johnny suddenly vanishes and both Walt and Roberto don't know why. They become close friends an


A comedy about LGBT characters performing for a high school musical. This phrase makes you think of musical numbers, drama filled gay romance and some melodramatic coming out stories. Surprisingly this film has none of it. Its campy, funny and sassy. Having said that its not howlingly hilarious, it has good moments and some bad ones.  Ricky is a star who is gay and is into drama and musicals big time. Ricky’s dream is to move to New York and become a Broadway legend. But he also has flaws because he always looks down upon everyone, cares only about himself, has massive insecurity. A quintessential Divo, a male Diva. But money is tight and he needs to win scholarship to go to college. Things change when Josh, the school basketball star, shows up for audition for the musical having broken his arm and unable to play the game. Surprisingly they both get selected as co-leads to play one night each. After understanding why Josh wanted to do theater, Ricky took him under his wing. But as time

My Big Gay Jewish Conversion (Documentary) (UK)

This BBC documentary is looking to explore whether sexuality and religion can be in harmony with each other. I have my personal views on the subject, but given that this documentary is barely 50 minutes long, it definitely seems worth spending my time. Simon is Irish Catholic and a practicing Cristian. But things dont matter till he meets his boyfriend Matthew, a Jewish man. Matthew's Synagogue allows same-sex marriage whereas Simon's church doesn't and there begins Simon's mission. Simon goes on a personal journey as a gay man to discover if he could convert to Judaism and whether it is worth sacrificing his Catholic upbringing. Simon starts by talking to a variety of people, including other gay Jewish men and a Rabbi, before traveling to the birthplace of Judaism, Israel. He also visits Tel Aviv, where Gay Pride has been celebrated since 1979. He finds everyone open and accepting there. But as he delves deeper, Simon is hit with big doubts. In Jerusalem, he is faced w

Horror In The Wind

Yet another one of those slightly older silly gay films, that was made just for the heck of it. A crappy, supposedly funny script wit stiff acting and low budget production value. I mean, yes the idea and thought was novel and the film in itself was quite boring. It could have made for an interesting 15 minute short film with better actors and director. Best friends and biogeneticists Richard and Ed have been working on some secret formula that involves inhibiting the sex drives of rats. The duo are also secretly screwing around with each other's wife. When the president gets a wind of it, he throws money to them to speed up the experiment to use this formula to suppress teenage horniness so that people can have sex only in marriage. While they are testing the product, they realize something is off and the product actually reverses sexual orientation instead of suppressing sexual drive. Th product is stolen and sprayed across all over the world. Sadly, there is no antidote. As you

SOTUS S: The Series (Thai)

SOTUS has been one of the more popular BL series. In fact, even I thought it was a pretty novel content with a gay love story as the backdrop. Like most fans, I did wis to know what would happen to the life of the main couple after they got together. Sadly, the extremely high expectations after Season 1 is a major reason that this season feels short on many levels. Arthit has started his new job at an electrical goods company Ocean Electric and feels like a fresher all over again in an adult world. Kongpop is now an Engineering senior at university and the head hazer. His approach to hazing is the complete opposite of the violence and humiliation that he received. He prefers being constructive, helpful and positive. The story focuses on a junior Day who still is opposed to any idea of hazing. After a few episodes, the shift happens. Kongpob is now looking for a place for internship and he prefers Ocean Electric over his father's firm. Even though their social group now knows about