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The Panti Sisters (Tagalog / English)

A filipino comedy, this movie was recommended to me on this blog and I finally managed to get hold of it and watch it. It was a nice fun campy movie with its heart in the right place. The film lightly talks about LGBTQ+ acceptance in our society and makes you think beyond the norm. A nice feel good film, even though I didn't burst out laughing at any point, I can see why this movie is so popular.

The story follows 3 estranged brothers (or sisters) Gabby, Daniel & Samuel. Their father Don Emilio is dying and he summons all 3 of them. Samuel is his illegitimate son. Interestingly none of the 3 of them got the love from their father because they were all way too effeminate and gay. When Don Emilio finds out that he is dying, he gives the three of them a chance to earn their inheritance but with a condition. The three of them have to be "straight" and each of them needs to father a child. This is where comedy starts. Gabby brings in his best friend as his girlfriend, Daniel brings his neighbor who is pregnant by her abusive boyfriend, and Samuel brings home a girl who has a crush on him ever since they were kids. They try their best to get rid of all makeup etc but in their heart they know the truth. Hilarious incidents follow trying to get the girls pregnant. Even though Samuel is the only one succeeds, but when they have a miscarriage; all three of them come to senses that no money is worth losing their individuality. They also realize how their father has no heart or love for them. The three of them eventually get close to each other. Unfortunately, in a fight Daniel gets killed, which shocks the father and he finally comes to senses and accepts the sons (daughters) for who they are.

A lot of funny scenes follow when the sisters come back home hoping to get the share of inheritance. Each of them has a particular trait and do their best to try to have sex with a girl but fail miserably. They go mostly hilarious but some sad lengths to complete the tasks. Each of the sister is different. Gaby is someone who is older, wiser and likes to take care of everyone. She is a famous drag performer. Daniel is in a steady relationship with her boyfriend , who happened to be Gabby's ex and was the reason for the fight between the brothers. Samuel and a guy like each other and fool around. He is the youngest. The film touches on inequality in the Philippines, homophobia, and nontraditional family dynamics during this crazy pursuit. The scenes where the three sisters are physically attracted to their 3 hot cousins was too funny. And those cousins were damn hot, I have to say. I wish the characters were more developed, but I am not complaining. There is only so much you can fit in a film. But eventually it's the actors who keep it all together and make this film a fun dependable watch. All three of them did a great job, although I feel that Samuel's character makes the most impact. Gabby looks gorgeous in her drag avatars. Daniel's character, who dies, was the least developed and something I couldn't connect with unfortunately. The ending seemed hurried where the father suddenly warms up to his sons, for who they are and not for who he wants them to be.

The film is a fun ride of an odd yet interesting family. It is very over the top,  provides good laughs, if, for sometime you can ignore the stereotyping etc. Watch it for the fun banter. (7/10)


Hedgehog said…
Thanks for the review . It’s a fun movie with a lot of moral lessons you can learn. Samuel and gabby make a film together entitled Die beautiful, Samuel is the protagonist ang gabby is his best friend. due to it’s success it’s give birth to a sequel entitled Born beautiful. It’s story focuses on gabby, but the original actor who portrays gabby have conflict in his contract and get replaced by the actor who plays Samuel in panti sisters. Thats why this sisterhood film is made. To put them al together in a one bag.
Golu said…
oh Wow! I had no idea of this interesting history behind the character selection. This makes so much sense. Maybe i should go and look for those films as well.

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