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For The Love Of DILFS - Season 2 (Reality TV Show)

OutTV's reality show "For the Love of DILF" is back with Season 2. I am not sure how big f a hit or flop was the first season, but I am sure the makers made some money, otherwise no one in their right mind would come up with season 2. As expected of season 1, this continues to be guilty pleasure in this domain and the concept is exactly the same as first season. 5 Daddies and 5 Himbos are out together in a mansion with wild card entries being thrown in here and there to spice things up, eventually leading to the couple winner of the show. The shows once again hosted by iconic  bisexual model herself, Stormy Daniels, who once again steps into the role of host, den mother, friend, and sometimes-relationship-counselor to the cast. The show serves as a platform for deeper conversations about age, appearance, and the diverse spectrum of desires within the gay community. It challenges viewers to question their preconceived notions and embrace a broader understanding of attraction and romance.

As expected new connections are immediately made when these 10 individuals are out together. Some decide based on looks, type, chemistry and what not. As wild card entries keep coming in, we see a twin brother showing up, a content creator, a surfer, a comedian etc. The contestants try to be funny, dramatic, over the top and everything that you would expect would make for a guilty pleasure watch. My biggest pet peeve this season was these twin brothers. OMG! The way they both talked was so annoying. I have never ever met anyone n real life who talks in a musical sing song way and I was like, is this for real!! And the fact that one of them then goes on to say to another Himbo , how his talking style was annoying was too much. One of the sexy daddies who also had a 20 plus year daughter in real life was the one sane and sorted person in the show and a couple of other folks. Most Himbos were dumb af, but what was surprising to me was that how bad they all were in the spelling bee competition. None of them Ould get the basic words right. It was downright embarrassing to watch. Another thing that was embarrassing was one of the daddies just crying on the drop of a hat, every single time his Himbo said almost anything. His Himbo was a Dom and you could see he would have none of the bullshit, but guess what, this was the couple who eventually ended up winning the show. 

Just like the first season, watching sexy looking guys walking half naked around mansion pretending to find love and getting into petty fights was a guilty pleasure even though I fast forwarded many sections of the show. I am not sure who are the people whom the reality TV producers are trying to fool that these contestants are here to find love. That just cannot happen for gay men on reality TV. They are all here for quick fame, some great eye candy, make some money and given audiences some entertainment. Anything beyond that is lucky bonus. (4/10)


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