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Love is Better the Second Time Around (Japanese Series)

I am starting to love this fewer episodes a more concise and focussed storytelling in these BL series. This show is also a great example with just 6 episodes of 23 minutes each, the makers are able to show us a very good love story with an important and nice message. The basic idea of the show is if you get a second chance to love, should you give it a pass or jump at the opportunity and finally be happy? Also, if the second chance happens to be the same person whom you loved in the first place, what would you do?

Actually the plot of the series is simple. Miyato works for a publication agency and is assigned a job to meet professor Iwanaga Takashi to write a column for his publication. Its only when Miyato meets Iwanaga, they bth realize they know each other form their school days. Back in the high school, they used to be star crossed lovers. What we are eventually told is how and why that relationship broke up, why Miyato  broke the affair completely, sealed the romantic episode, and moved on. In the present world, Iwanaga now wants Miyato back in his life and flirts with him and tries to get close to him, but Miyato has completely blocked himself. He is hurt from the events of past and is not sure if he can trust Iwanaga. Arrival of Iwanaga's brother-in-law starts unfolding events of how these lovers lovers tried to elope when they were kids, but this man broke the news of it to Iwanaga's family , because of which they were ashamed and they gave him up for adoption. But now both Miyato and Iwanaga are in their 30s and thy mutually now will decide what's best for them and how will they navigate their still relevant love for one another.

Here, we have two parallel stories told at the same time: teens' and adults' love stories. The important fact is that as adults they won't let themselves be manipulated they way they were as teens. They stand up for themselves and decide that the most precious thing they have in the world is each other! Also based on a popular manga, the actors have a very good chemistry and IMO, the actor playing Iwanaga is a standout. He fits the role of the professor to the T and handles the advances by his student nicely. Not only that, the small ways in which he shows his love for Miyato are also shown nicely. The reasons for Miyato's coldness are eventually revealed and they make sense. Their chemistry is just right and every time they were close to each other, just looking into the eyes, their love would just make sense. The other good thing was the jealous student assistant of the professor and how he would act with Miyato in professor's presence and completely different when he is alone. Last two episodes are more focused on Iwanaga being asked to integrate again within the family. Some people Amy not relate to this thing very well but in Japanese culture, family honor and pride hold significant weight and the sooner you remember this fact, the more you will appreciate, even though you cannot connect with the story. The show is not without its flaws though. One thing for men I wish there was a little more charter growth in their high school years for audience to believe that their's was true love and something to which you will give a second chance. And also in just 6 episodes they try and present way too many conflicts with both people and situations. An another positive note, I was happy that the younger and older characters by played by different actors (unlike most Thai shows where they just make adult actors wear shorts and we are supposed to suddenly believe that they are only 13-14 years old).

This is a good mature proper gay love story and not just a BL handled very maturely. I think with a little bit of finesse in the screenplay, this story was easily be adapted in a very successful film. For now, the series itself was quite decent watch. (8/10)


Sailor Maan said…
I loved this series, one of my favourite this year.
First both leads do a great job. Iwanaga is so good at flirting while also insecure but doesn't want to show. On the other side Miyato tries so hard to resist when we all know - him included- it's a lost cause. But then when he understands Iwagata is really serious about him, he also understands he has to be his strength. I love their relationship.
What I liked the most is probably the parallel between young love and adult love. And they said, had they given themselves a chance when they were young, they wouldn't have been able to resist the pression. Haha and yes contrary to thai BL it's not the same actors with a different hair cut.
I think most of the topics were brilliantly handled in so few episodes.
Of course I cannot not talk about the assistant. How I laughed the firts time he called Miyato a bitch XD!
I think I told you about the thai series "To be continued" that has a similar base plot. Not as good for me, but it was fun to watch the different - sometimes cultural- treatment.
Golu said…
It was hilarious when the assistant calls Miyato a "bitch". That was a first for me in a Japanese BL.

Sadly my content consumption will reduce drastically for next few months for personal reasons, but hopefully I will at some point catch up on the Thai show you have mentioned here
Sailor Maan said…
I hope everything is ok for you and for one of your amazing trips ;)

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